Pipeline Management: Connect Investment to Revenue

Increasing the predictability, conversion and flow of marketing qualified leads to

sales qualified status, our pipeline management solutions are essential.

Pipeline Control and Optimization

For marketing teams to demonstrate ROI and budget responsibility, the response actions and tracking of opportunities through the sales cycle is a top priority, but a persistent challenge for many organizations. MRP solves this issue on a global basis for many of the world’s largest sales and marketing organizations. Combining proprietary technology with operational specialists, we ensure that each qualified opportunity not only makes it’s way to the right salesperson or partner, but also that each follow-up action occurs, is recorded and tracked properly in your CRM.

Find That “Needle In The Haystack” »

We apply advanced predictive analytics to identify and prioritize the highest value opportunities and help you track them through to completion. When your sales team is aware of the accounts that are in an active buying position, what they’re researching and where they are in the buyer’s journey, they’ll know not only who to target, but how to engage with them.

Optimizing Visibility And Lead Conversion In Sales Pipelines

To maximize sales engagement potential, we wrap target account leads with a full picture of other recent leads, sales and marketing response trends across all channels, and topics of interest demonstrated across the account. This way they’ll engage more quickly, have better conversations and convert opportunities to pipeline revenue faster.

Increase Sales Pipeline Velocity»

MRP pipeline management services will keep you one step ahead of your target accounts and buyers within those accounts. Applying visibility into target account interest and how they evolve throughout the buyer’s journey, we enable your team to act with certainty, armed with the knowledge of needs at each stage of decision, as well as topics of interest.

Inform Your Marketing Strategy»

Analyze the movement of your target accounts and measure conversion rate by tactics, segment, region, and sales resources, to continuously make your next actions smarter and more valuable. MRP lead navigators are expert operational professionals and provide the deep learning expertise you can use to shift marketing mix and strategic focus.

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