Transforming Insights into Action

MRP’s global platform will help you spark interaction that leads to revenue traction. From sales intelligence, to coordinated sales and marketing plays, channel support and even AI-driven inside sales tools.

Our predictive customer acquisition platform brings marketing and sales execution together to form a single account-based strategy. More than alignment or a new silo of marketing activity, MRP Prelytix is purpose-built to help prioritize and coordinate all touches with each target account. This coordination and collaboration is precisely the solution to deliver consistent, high-value information to each target account.

MRP’s next gen inside sales is a global lead generation service built on an advanced platform that optimizes contactability for target account buyers using predictive analytics, machine learning and a proprietary data source of tens of millions of contacts around the globe. With global execution throughout more than 100 countries, our global tele sales reps scale target account engagement, from new outreach to triggered response based upon interactions across display, email and direct mail.

MRP Prelytix

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MRP Prelytix

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