Account-Based Sales Solutions: Coordination  & Revenue Impact

B2B selling today means engaging customers on their terms wherever and whenever they prefer to engage, interact and transact with their suppliers.

Alignment Isn’t The Right Goal For Optimal Buyer Experiences

The greatest misconception of account-based marketing is believing that any single function is responsible for the account-based strategy. It’s not a marketing initiative. It’s not a sales initiative. It’s a strategic business initiative. Indeed, departments on the revenue-generating side of your business are your partners in converting your marketing investments into attributable revenue. Period.  

Sales & Marketing Collaboration To Build Pipeline Value

Most of ABM isn’t actionable by salespeople. Because of this, too many ABM programs serve to separate the desired sales and marketing collaboration further and fragment their approach to every target account. This where sales-led account-based strategy comes into play. Developing an account-based strategy that drives results requires the sales force to pay attention further upstream in funnel stages traditionally controlled by marketing. The objective here is to complement marketing efforts to provide a better customer experience and demonstration of value in every touch point. This alignment helps to to create engagement at selected target accounts as quickly and as often as possible, rather than merely “tossing leads over the fence.”

Collaborative ABM: Beyond Alignment

MRP Prelytix brings marketing and sales execution together to form a single account-based strategy, leveraging a range of customer interactions across their organization in a way that traditional demand generation tactics can’t. Purpose-built to help prioritize and coordinate all touches with each target account, this coordination and collaboration is precisely the solution to deliver consistent, high-value information to each target account, while providing an accountable environment that aligns sales and marketing buyer engagement strategies.