Account-Based Sales Solutions: Coordination and Revenue Impact

 From sales intelligence to coordinated sales and marketing plays, and even AI-driven inside sales tools, MRP’s sales solutions help spark interaction that leads to revenue traction.

Align Sales & Marketing Teams with Shared Insights

Most of ABM isn’t actionable by salespeople. Because of this, too many ABM programs serve to separate the desired sales and marketing collaboration further and fragment their approach to every target account. The greatest misconception of account-based marketing is believing that any single function is responsible for the account-based strategy. It’s not a marketing initiative. It’s not a sales initiative. It’s a strategic business initiative. Indeed, departments on the revenue-generating side of your business are your partners in converting your marketing investments into attributable revenue. Period.

Real-Time Sales Intelligence

The objective here is to provide transparency in your ABM program and create a partnership with your sales peers, rather than merely “tossing leads over the fence.” Delivering account focused engagement reports and making them viewable in the tools your sales team uses each day, MRP proactively notifies specific account owners when their account moves in positive or negative manners, giving them a roadmap for actionable follow up.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Our predictive customer acquisition solution brings marketing and sales execution together to form a single account-based strategy. More than alignment or a new silo of marketing activity, MRP Prelytix is purpose-built to help prioritize and coordinate all touches with each target account. This coordination and collaboration is precisely the solution to deliver consistent, high-value information to each target account. No need to train your teams on new tools or processes, MRP Prelytix connects directly to your CRM, such as Salesforce, and the tools you use. 


The Next Generation of Inside Sales 

MRP’s next gen inside sales is a global lead generation service built on an advanced platform that optimizes contactability for target account buyers using predictive analytics, machine learning and a proprietary data source of tens of millions of contacts around the globe. With global execution throughout more than 100 countries, our global tele sales reps scale target account engagement, from new outreach to triggered response based upon interactions across display, email and direct mail.

Best Practice Sales Pipeline Management » 

MRP’s global pipeline management team provides hands-on best-practice to ensure consistent, timely, and accurate disposition of every lead, everyday. Whether you consider our team to be an extension of your team or a 3rd party arbiter, MRP will help you close the process and reporting gaps necessary to maximize ROI, for both direct sales and channel partner programs.

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