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We know, we know – no one loves a form fill or worse case a sales call, but our promise is that our sales processes are streamlined and efficient.

Once you hit submit, one of our BDRs will reach out via email and phone to firm up a time to talk. As soon as that’s confirmed, you’ll be connected with one of sellers for a 30 minute call, and from there we will deliver a full recommendation including pricing.

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What is Account Intelligence?
MRP Account Intelligence is an array of global insights that extend all while solving buying center focus at scale. Uniquely positioned in the market, MRP connects 1.5 trillion+ assumptive and deterministic engagement signals every month, unlocking the explicit purchase data that fuels high conversion rates for your revenue team.
What is Assumptive Account Intelligence?

We capture web content consumption across 1.5 trillion+ signals/month, tracking and cataloging assumptive engagement triggers and enrich that data with account engagement propensity, machine learning ICP fit analysis and your own first-party data.

Uniquely we track signals in 20+ languages, identifying engagement triggers that English only vendors miss. Our global clients find our intelligence even more valuable because we also track signals at the location level, identifying triggers in local markets, not globally.

What is Deterministic Account Intelligence?

These unique voice verified signals consist of direct interactions with buyers confirming their future purchase intentions. Derived from the exhaust of 10 million+ outbound calls, and 20 million+ annual email and direct mail engagements, these explicitly stated signals unlock the data that fuels high conversion rates for your revenue team. 

What makes MRP different?
From early buying stages to stimulate awareness and brand familiarity, to driving specific actions to propel demand generation, MRP’s unique account intelligence prioritizes those accounts and contacts that have the highest propensity to engage and convert, leveraging digital and non-digital approaches to deliver personalized and contextually relevant messaging to your target buyers and generate qualified leads to your sales team.

Fueled by engagement and powered by account intelligence, we provide ambitious brands with unique insights without the platform hassle.