Enterprise Account-Based Sales & Marketing Solutions

Simplifying The Complexities Of Account-Based Strategies For Enterprise Organizations

MRP Prelytix® Marketing Solutions

Moving beyond multi-channel to more mature, omnichannel marketing demands advanced ABM controls and real-time triggered connections that read the needs of a target account and deliver the next best action. To break through the noise, MRP permits marketers to control message consistency across channels and coordinate activity priority between marketing teams seeking attention from the same audiences.

MRP Prelytix®

Sales Solutions

Much of ABM is not actionable by salespeople, which further hinders sales and marketing teams’ collaboration and fragments their approach to accounts. MRP proactively delivers insights and recommended actions to enterprise sales and marketing team members when certain criteria are met, giving them a roadmap for actionable follow up. Proactively sharing such insights forges a partnership with your sales teams that goes beyond just tossing leads over the fence.

MRP Prelytix® Channel Solutions

An unrestricted stream of intelligence is the only means to make ABM work in the channel environment. This means a single shared data source with open lines of communication between sales and marketing, both at a partner AND vendor levels. In a fragmented and disconnected operating environment, MRP clients can optimize MDF investments, track conversion by partner and tactic, and have consistent and measurable pipeline revenue reporting.