Deep account intelligence that drives real results.

Uniquely positioned in the market, MRP connects 1.5 trillion+ assumptive and deterministic engagement signals every month, unlocking the explicit purchase data that fuels high conversion rates for your revenue team.

Looking past assumptive touch points, aggregating true buying signals.

Most of the industry relies on assumptive triggers like website views, hiring trends, and top funnel content engagement which creates a TON of noise with false positives. Our downstream sources of intelligence are all about quality over quantity. Our global clients find our intelligence even more valuable because we track engagement at the location level, identifying triggers in local markets, not globally. 

MRP Survey Data.

This includes 800,000+ direct interactions with buyers confirming their future purchase intentions within the next year, derived from the exhaust of 10 million+ surveys our Sales Development team makes each year.

MRP’s proprietary account intelligence provides customers with insights from over 700 topic-based activities and the corresponding buying stage for each signal across over 20 B2B buying functions! 

Peer Review Engagements.

Reach new, in-market accounts conducting late-stage research into your solution, your competitors’ solutions, and your solution category across multiple review sites.

MRP’s partnerships with two of the world’s largest B2B buyer review sites, generate 2.5 million+ monthly indicators from in-market buyers. We provide added visibility into buying behavior from over 30 million B2B software and solution buyers visiting peer review sites annually.


Curated Case Study Engagements.

Millions of buyers review vendor case studies to solve their problems. MRP captures 1.5 million+ monthly indicators from in-market buyers, engaging with late-stage, bottom-of-funnel online content.

These unique signals are derived from the consumption of in-depth brand strategy breakdowns to global CMO interviews, we capture the insights and intelligence the modern marketer needs to succeed.

Over 18 million annual curated case study engagements deliver a complete picture of late-stage content engagement across your target accounts.