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Acquire New Customers Faster

MRP helps its clients make better predictions about who their next customer is, where they are in the buying cycle, and how to acquire them more efficiently.

  • Predictive SaaS

    "I need better visibility into who of my target market is really ready to buy, and I need it fast."
  • Subscription Based Managed Services

    "ABM is our strategic direction. I need access to resources and skill sets that help me execute throughout my pipeline."
  • Global Capabilities

    "Our partners and our customers are global, our customer acquisition model needs to be as well."

Learn how MRP’s unique platform provides you with the data and analytics to support your sales and marketing strategies.

Explore MRP Prelytix

MRP Prelytix plays a critical role in how we deliver competitive advantage to our partners.

Harry Miller Vice President , Infor Channels

Learn how our clients are using big data to drive growth, one acquisition at a time.

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