Independent Research Firm Finds MRP Prelytix
Best Suited For Large Enterprises


MRP and Demand Metric primary research report reveals key differentiators between high and low performers and provides a data-driven roadmap to ABM maturity and revenue impact.


Despite visible success, research shows that many companies are still hindered by poor sales/marketing alignment, difficulty developing target account personas and identifying the accounts that are likely to purchase.

The Only Enterprise-Class Predictive Account Based Marketing Platform™

For enterprise organizations that serve multiple geographies, partners, lines of business, or industries, MRP Prelytix is the only Account Based Marketing platform designed to give you control of your data, visibility into your target market, and scale in the delivery of the highest impact engagement strategy.

MRP Prelytix™ At A Glance

In its simplest form, enterprise B2B marketers are trying to break down data silos, extract insights from customer data, deliver consistent multichannel marketing messages and monitor meaningful metrics. Only by simplifying the complexity of the enterprise operating environment, can the optimization of actions and delivery of measurable revenue returns be achieved.

That’s what we do. 


Multi-tenant, coordinated, independent execution.
MRP Prelytix permits each team to execute on their own but also collaborate in sharing insights, targeting approaches, and a common methodology for measurement.


Real-time, AI driven recommendations.
Combining intent signals with predictive models MRP Prelytix gives marketers a fuller picture of target accounts, one that becomes actionable at scale, enabling marketers to create ABM programs that adapt to audience needs and produce substantially more significant results.


Alerts, collaboration, account level insights.
Proactively sharing such insights, MRP Prelytix forges a partnership with sales teams that goes beyond just ‘tossing leads over the fence’, providing them with a roadmap for actionable follow-up.


Platform integrations, data management.

MRP Prelytix provides these enabling criteria to help you to re-assemble a precise picture of each target account, cultivate powerful insights, deliver personalization across channels, and achieve accurate program measurement.


Dynamic & always on, personalize across 8 channels.
MRP Prelytix provides the enterprise marketer with the control that allows them to coordinate activity priority between marketing teams when gaining attention from the same audiences and achieve message consistency for their orchestration across channels.


Account based, across platforms and channels
Creating a single source of truth, MRP Prelytix sources data from surrounding sales and marketing systems, and results in reporting of these target account activities, enabling you to drill down from global results to individual programs, to a specific target account.

MRP Prelytix For Sales

Only 36% of companies executing ABM programs consider their sales and marketing teams to be tightly aligned. Because of this, too many ABM programs serve to separate the desired sales and marketing collaboration further and fragment their approach to every target account.

The greatest misconception of account-based marketing is believing that any single function is responsible for the account-based strategy. Indeed, all departments on the revenue-generating side of your business are your partners in converting your marketing investments into attributable revenue.

The objective here is to provide transparency in your ABM program and create a partnership with your sales peers, rather than merely “tossing leads over the fence.” Delivering account-focused engagement reports and making them viewable in the tools your sales team uses each day, MRP Prelytix proactively notifies specific account owners when their account moves in positive or negative manners, giving them a roadmap for actionable follow-up.

MRP Prelytix For Channel

In a fragmented and disconnected operating environment, MRP clients can optimize MDF investments, track conversion by partner and tactic, and have consistent and measurable pipeline revenue reporting. To achieve this, we are the only ABM vendor to deliver our offering across 3 groups:


  • ‘To’ Partner Channel Programs – Using our proprietary database with more than 117,000 reseller organizations around the globe, we help channel marketing teams benchmark the completeness of their current partner selection and manage this ecosystem with the highest level of intelligence.

  • ‘With’ Partner Channel Programs – MRP drives thousands of 1:1 partner marketing consultations each year. Our goal is to provide a white-glove marketing experience focused on understanding the partner’s target market, priority accounts, and annual business goals.

  • ‘Through’ Partner Channel Programs – MRP is the only provider of true multi-partner ABM programs available today. Built into our platform, we execute across eight channels and track performance directly into your CRM. We put you in control of your MDF, conversion, and pipeline objectives.

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Achieving Enterprise ABM Success

We understand ABM. We’ve innovated and deployed account-based strategies for almost 20 years, nearly twice as long as the next oldest vendor.

We understand the enterprise environment. Today, we power more than 1,000 ABM engines into 110 countries, across 6 continents, using 8 channels and 20 languages.

Discover how our technology and services empower client sales and marketing teams to simplify the complexity of their environment using real-time predictive analytics and insights to direct, coordinate, and execute the world’s most powerful ABM programs.