Designed to drive personalized and unified content experiences for customers, MRPSyndicate™ extends the content reach of enterprise organizations to garner greater insights and refine their GTM strategies.


Deeper insights. Validated outcomes.

Uniquely positioned in the market, MRPSyndicate™ learns from multilingual triggers, predictive analytics, and first party data, triggering interactions across our content syndication network based upon the needs and buyer journey stage of target accounts.

Activate customer insights.

Powered by industry-leading account intelligence, we prioritize those accounts and contacts that have the highest propensity to engage and convert, leveraging digital and non-digital approaches to connect your content to your target ICP, generating cost-effective opted-in leads.

Digital profiling drives further demand – elevating your content into an ROI-based investment, and delivering qualified leads to your sales team.

Elevate your content.

Once the ideal audience and campaign parameters have been defined, we’ll set you up for success. Campaign management includes all the behind-the-scenes setup, like building landing pages, creating emails, and designing profiling questions we’ll need to promote your solution.

Whether it’s whitepapers, case studies, on-demand webinars or a range of tools, reports and insights, we can map and serve content to generate the greatest engagement and demand.

Generate qualified demand.

Don’t burn through your budget purchasing incomplete, inaccurate, or duplicate engagement. Every account and contact goes through a rigorous, multi-step validation process to ensure it’s original and aligns with all campaign parameters..

Verified accounts and contacts are delivered to your marketing team through whichever system of record you prefer (Salesforce, Marketo, CSV File, and more), and can be delivered immediately after verification, or sent on a predetermined schedule that you define.

MRPSyndicate key use cases.

Leverage unique audience data to expand content syndication reach.

Replace or compliment current vendor mix.

Cost effective opted-in marketing database.

Higher conversion rates, driven by account intelligence vs. simple intent