Channel Sales & Marketing: Optimize Revenue Impact

Get the most out of your channel partner strategy by leveraging

MRP’s industry leading digital intelligence & MDF management


Channel Solutions Designed to Drive ROI

Channel sales and marketing executives are tasked with the unenviable responsibility of juggling multiple priorities including partner recruitment, managing channel sales performance and ensuring market development funds are used wisely. MRP’s combination of channel software and services are designed to help drive channel engagement, support opportunity progression throughout the pipeline, provide visibility on program results and execution as well as drive an MQL to SQL conversion rate that exceeds industry-best standards.

Fulfilling All Aspects of Your Global Strategy – MRP Concierge Services

MRP Concierge Services support global partners by acting as an expert channel program management team. The MRP concierge group ensures that global corporate marketing strategy is being fulfilled at all tiers of the partner universe. While fewer than a third of marketers feel they can optimize their channel spend, clients utilizing MRP concierge group services are confident of this fact.

Partner Incentive Management

Taking the data-driven techniques that game designers use to engage players, our platform employs interactive incentives to encourage the desired performance from each partner. Today, you can incent this behavior using tactics like points and prizes to recognize partner achievement of meetings booked, outreach, follow up completion or deals closed.

Partner Recruitment Solutions

Channel organizations all around the world utilize MRP’s proprietary platform and team of experts to help scale their partner recruiting needs. MRP’s deep channel experience and global partner database helps accelerate partner recruitment efforts and offloads much of the initial screening effort.

Best in Class Channel Enablement Solutions

With full transparency and control, partners use the MRP channel enablement platform to select and manage programs that tap predictive analytics, account based marketing and inside sales. Partners can access opportunities booked, deals that have been registered and sales resources.

Channel Analytics

MRP gives you the ability to manage the complexity of your channel initiative with ease. Today, you can analyze and report upon an environment that involves multiple distribution partners, overlapped with multiple sales partners and different lines of business. With MRP you can filter, analyze and report against all of these dimensions, and more!

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