Uniquely positioned in the market, MRPConnect™ learns from multilingual triggers, predictive analytics, and first party data, triggering interactions across digital and non-digital channels, based upon the needs and buyer journey stage of your target accounts.


Engaging audiences with actionable intelligence​.

Fueled by advanced account intelligence, MRPConnect™ has the ability to deliver personalized and contextually relevant messaging to your target accounts, across digital and non-digital channels, powering your ability to accelerate bottom of funnel engagement while building top of funnel strategy.

Activate customer insights.

Powered by industry-leading account intelligence, we prioritize those accounts and contacts that have the highest propensity to engage and convert, leveraging digital and non-digital approaches to connect your content to your target ICP, generating cost-effective opted-in leads.

Elevate your content.

Once the ideal audience and campaign parameters have been defined, we’ll set you up for success. Campaign management includes all the behind-the-scenes setup, like building landing pages, creating emails, and designing profiling questions we’ll need to promote your solution.

Whether it’s whitepapers, case studies, on-demand webinars or a range of tools, reports and insights, we can map and serve content to generate the greatest engagement and demand.

Generate qualified demand.

More than a one-off mailer or new silo of activity, our direct-to-desk mailers offer the flexibility of form (from customized gift card mailers to high-value dimensional pieces) and the power of being and integrated component of your overall demand generation strategy.

Value-based incentive options to drive digital meeting requests, elevating your content into a ROI-based investment, delivering qualified leads to your sales team.

Key use cases for MRPConnect™​

Generate full funnel demand & engagement.

Cost effectively generate sales qualified leads.

Accelerate your top of funnel strategy.

Separate yourself from your competition.