Enterprise-Class ABM Strategies In Action


ServiceNow adopts MRP Prelytix to synchronize efforts across both field marketing and campaign teams. By leveraging MRP’s insights and orchestration capabilities, ServiceNow are able to move top-of-funnel marketing leads into mid- seamlessly, and post-funnel sales leads.

Ricciardi Group

Using MRP, The Ricciardi Group’s clients can quickly and easily add data-driven ABM programs within a comprehensive digital strategy that is optimized for peak performance – all without requiring extensive software integrations or resource commitments.


With offices in 20+ countries around the world, EightBar is a collective of WPP talent dedicated to IBM and focused on making IBM’s brand matter, and its business perform.

Juniper Networks

While Juniper Networks’ internal data was static, showing intent at a point in time, rather than an ongoing measure of intent and of reactions to marketing, MRP allows O’Dell’s team to see responses in real time.


Marketing complex solutions for multiple lines of businesses (LOBs) to customers worldwide is an ongoing challenge for SAP, an enterprise application software provider that has customers in more than 180 countries and over 21,000 partner companies globally.


Secureworks is a leading global cybersecurity company that keeps organizations safe in a digitally connected world. When Nichole Austion joined the organization as Field Marketing Manager, she took a hard look.


LexisNexis, a leader in providing essential information to help customers assess, predict, and manage risk, was looking for a way to identify a prospect’s stage along the buyer journey and…

Veeam Enterprise Tech Company

Veeam Software develops backup, disaster recovery, and virtualization management software for the Always-On Enterprise. Although the company’s roots are in the in the SMB space, Veeam is shifting its go…

Infor Enterprise Tech Company

Infor’s go-to-market strategy focuses on specific industries, providing vertical functionality without costly,

Clearpath Enterprise Tech Company

Frustrated with the lack of motivation across their sales team, a multinational computer technology company, was looking for a better way to…

Enterprise Technology

MRP’s client is known for being a frontrunner in the industry – always on top of the latest marketing trends. After seven years with a successful digital marketing package from…

Tintri Enterprise Tech Company

Tintri, Inc., a long-time customer of MRP was familiar with MRP’s direct mail program, but wanted something a little more creative. After conducting a marketing analysis, MRP suggested combining an engaging direct…

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“I’ve spent my career working with marketing data, and MRP Prelytix® not only stands apart for its powerful intent and predictive insights but for the team’s understanding of data management, including how to access the right data, how to ask the right questions, and how to get to the right answers. It goes beyond technical excellence to a true partnership based in making sure that each program delivers as much value as possible.”

Megan Creighton

Head of Digital Strategy, The Ricciardi Group