Predictive Marketing: Insight Driven Revenue Results

Combining Intent With Predictive Analytics To Enhance ABM Initiatives

Enterprise organizations typically have abundant data on their target customers. Unfortunately, much of the data is unintelligible because it’s disconnected. MRP allows organizations to “connect the dots, not just collect the dots, combining intent data and predictive analytics to pinpoint accounts that lie in the nexus of high predictive scoring and high intent. Armed with actionable insights into buyers’ needs and specific stages in the buying process, marketers are better able to provide high-value, relevant content timed to the buyer stage.

Integrated Data Intelligence

Surrounding CRM and Marketing Automation systems are often contact-centric rather than account-centric, and most ABM platforms avoid this technical challenge, as it’s not as valuable to their core market, smaller and less sophisticated sales and marketing teams. MRP provides the advanced data management technologies that can organize account-based data from contact-based systems, and can cleanse, map, and append data for deeper insights and more accurate reporting. With a single view of each target account across platforms and teams, marketers can target precisely, deliver personalization across channels, and measure program results accurately.

Observe the Needs of Your Target Market

MRP Prelytix’s multi-dimensional, machine learning algorithm is open and customizable to clients. Our platform is the only account-based marketing platform to acknowledge the expertise and learning of our clients, building that wisdom and the capability of multiple predictive scoring models into each deployment from the start. We work with you to identify factors, data sources and weightings.

More Than a New Source of Data

While we can deploy our predictive insights as a standalone solution, MRP Prelytix really drives revenue impact when it triggers and automates program content and channels as target accounts explore the web and engage with you. This action oriented architecture solves the #1 challenge plaguing marketing professionals who have already seen the value of predictive analytics and intent data… the ability to put that data to use and derive value from it. Triggers and workflows in the platform operationalize this data, applying machine learning to optimize each interaction.