An Open Letter From Our New CEO

April 01, 2021 | Blog

While I am in my first days at MRP, it’s abundantly clear that our team members and their advocacy of our clients have created a powerful alliance. It’s this advocacy that’s blessed us with so many great clients. Also, it’s this advocacy that’s fueled decades of technology innovation, resulting in countless awards and fantastic recognition by top analysts, recognition as being the Leader in our field.

I’m also excited to be here today. This moment is the right time. It’s a culmination of more than two decades of experience leading SaaS organizations through innovation that aligns platform technologies with value and performance for clients, helping them realize their desires and excel in their markets.

In the coming months, we’re announcing revolutionary innovation in our platform technologies. While I can’t say more now, not without a spoiler alert, you should know that ABM’s future will change, and our clients will lead the way. Imagine a platform without limits,

  • One that connects your marketing teams and their functional experts in a collaborative environment,

  • One that enables them to share a real-time view of each target account and coordinate their actions at each,

  • And, one that allows even non-technical people to create and adjust AI and ML models, no black boxes here; we put control in your hands, the power you need to optimize sales and marketing programs truly.

We see a world where organizations are empowered to collaborate and win. I know you will too.

Until then, thank you for taking a moment to meet me, and I look forward to meeting you in the days to come.

I’m proud to be a part of this company and lead this exciting next chapter.


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