Intent Marketing

Intent marketing is any marketing that is aimed to meet a user where he or she is using specific techniques and big data. Intent marketing is extremely powerful for those who use search marketing, whether they utilize paid or organic marketing. This is because it focuses on collecting information based on specific keywords and actions that people take while searching.

To use intent marketing, you must first define an ideal client and determine what they might search for online. For example, if you sell flowers, someone searching for “yard tools” might not be looking for floral delivery, but someone searching for “flowers for Mother’s Day” certainly are.

Marketing and sales teams need to care about the intent to buy – marketers cannot just send marketing materials out into the void. That is costly and doesn’t have a very good return on investment. While you may want to capture some people by casting a wide net, intent marketing allows you to go after those people who are looking for you.
To find out more information about intent marketing and how MRP can help you to build intent marketing campaigns, read on. If you are ready to get started – CLICK HERE.

Intent Marketing Focuses Your Efforts & Picks Up Others At The Same Time

When you are able to treat each company that your marketing teams are targeted as an individual, you are more likely to get those stretch clients. Why? You can use the information that you have to give them the information that they need to make a decision. However, you need to get that information before your competitors, and you need to get better information that you are used to – and that is where MRP comes in to help.

Our Prelytix tool helps to gather information using big data. We track what people are searching for online, which makes it easy to pick out not only that that are interested in your product, but those that are likely to make a purchase. For those that are lower in the sales funnel, your marketing team can take over and use the information gathered there – information like who to talk to, what they are looking for, what their budget is, and more.

Then, you can use that information to use account based marketing to reach out to that company or person in a way that they will respond to – whether that is direct mail, online advertisements, or something else altogether. MRP can help you there as well.

Ways Intent Marketers Drive Sales

Intent-based marketing allows you to better focus marketing and sales efforts on specific goals that are easy to measure and even easier to achieve. Over time, this encourages everyone to strive for more. In the short term, however, intent marketing allows your business to be smarter in how and when they use resources. It reduces overall campaign costs and helps to boost ROI. Why? Your prospects are already long gone from the awareness stage, and they are about to make a decision.

In B2B, sales cycles tend to be a little longer, and there are more people involved. Intent marketing can move the cycle a little more quickly and can establish your business at the forefront when it might not be using traditional marketing techniques.

Intent Marketing: It Is Not As Hard As It Seems

Too often, companies are scared away by the idea of intent marketing because it seems to be so hard. When you are actively going after fewer leads, it seems too risky. However, with the information the MRP provides, you have a far better chance of successfully emerging with clients and even upselling them in ways that you probably couldn’t before now. MRP has all of the tools you need for intent marketing, from finding the people you want to target to actually helping with the marketing materials, we are there for you. CLICK HERE to get started.

In some circumstances, less is more, and the fewer clients you focus on, the more creative you can be – and the more likely your team will be there to talk to potential clients when they have questions.