Intent B2B Marketing

Intent B2B marketing focuses on providing marketing materials, whether they be online advertisements, direct mail, or even cold calls to businesses using specific information gathered from big data and information gathered while people browse the internet. How can you gain access to this information? Work with MRP, and our tools can help you to gain unprecedented access to it – and then we can help you to use it in your intent B2B marketing campaigns.
Intent B2B marketing is exceptionally potent and powerful. We collect information based on specific keywords or search results and the actions those people took while searching. The focus is on businesses and those that are likely to make decisions within them.

In order to use intent marketing, your sales and marketing functions need to define an ideal client and determine how that person or group of people might behave. For example, if you are looking for someone to purchase your web design services, you want to look for those who are searching for “website creators,” “webmasters,” or even “website builder.” These people have the intent to make a purchase. Someone searching for “how to code a website,” or “how to create a website” are trying to do it on their own. This is an excellent time for intent B2B marketing because once they find out that it isn’t as easy as they thought it might be. When they make that decision, your online advertisement might be there, and they will invest in your services. Or perhaps you want someone a little further into the sales funnel, who is just looking at the moment. There are clues in how they search that help us know that fact – and we can pass that information to you. 

Intent B2B marketing allows your teams to focus on those clients that are most likely to purchase your goods or services.  At the same time, you might pick up others who are looking for your services that you did not intend to see the advertisements or marketing materials. Even so, those are extremely targeted.
To find out more information about intent B2B marketing and how MRP can help you to build intent B2B marketing campaigns, read on. If you are ready to get started – CLICK HERE.

Intent B2B Marketing Gives Your Team Focus And The Chance To Spread Their Wings

In the B2B marketing sector, getting the chance to personalize your approach and treat each company as an individual can make all of the difference in reaching your sales goals. You can use the intent data gathered to give you an advantage in the marketing process – get a better idea on the language to use, the methodologies to employ, and even when to send out the materials. But how can you get that intent data? MRP can help you there.

At MRP, our Prelytix tool is the primary source of information gathering. We use big data to track what people are searching for, how they get their information, and even make determinations about whether or not they are likely to make a purchase. Then, your marketing functions can use that information to make critical decisions in their effort to move the person higher into the sales funnel.

Since MRP also works with account based marketing (ABM), we can help you with those efforts as well. CLICK HERE to get started.

Intent B2B Marketing: Get Started Today To Get Ahead Of Your Competition

Companies are often stuck in their old routines – they have the techniques that they know work, and they aren’t willing to move on and try something new. In today’s world of rapidly emerging technologies and capabilities, this doesn’t work in your favor. You have to be willing to adapt and try new things to succeed.

MRP can help you to move into the new era of intent B2B marketing. Our software and tools not only come with our guarantee that you will see results, but that we will be there to help you better understand how everything works. Our team has worked with many different companies and organizations of all sizes and scopes – and we are waiting for you.

Whether you have already implemented intent B2B marketing campaigns and you want to try another approach, or you haven’t worked with intent marketing at all before, we would love to talk to you about how we can help you to meet your sales goals. CLICK HERE to get started.