What Is Intent Data?

Intent data is one of those topics that everyone in B2B sales and marketing is talking about – and with good reason. However, the problem is that many people don’t know what intent data is and how it can help them to meet and even exceed their sales and marketing goals  – and because they don’t know, intent data has been extremely under-utilized by everyone in the sales funnel, even those who think they are using it correctly.

So, what is intent data and just how can you use it to help you? It is complicated and requires the help of people who understand just how to get that data and how it can help you. For that, MRP is there – CLICK HERE to get started today, or read on for more information.

So – What Is Intent Data?

Intent data is a relatively new term, so there are many false definitions and half-truths floating around. It is a term that one industry has adapted to include many signs and signals about prospective clients or businesses that are actively researching the goods and services that you offer. That’s what intent data is – it is big data that is collected through user activities to signal that they are somewhere within the sales funnel.

MRP’s software tags those people visiting your website, competitor websites, or just performing general searches on your industry. This information can trace who is doing the searching, how long they were searching, what they are interested in, and even how close they are to making a decision.

Intent data tracks the content that people browse online and their digital activities that uncover interests and signal an intent to purchase a product or a service. Your sales and marketing functions can then strategically use that data to close deals, prioritize efforts, engage buyers, and find other industries or areas to expand.

Intent Data Matters Because If You Don’t Use It – You May Lose Key Customers

Buyers have a virtual smorgasbord of offers when they want to buy something, even in the most niche environments. In order to make yourself stand out, you need to get a head start on marketing and sales, and you need extra information that can help you put more personalization into each case.

By monitoring the content that someone reads, MRP is able to make educated decisions about what they will purchase and when.

The truth is that while buyers have so many options, they often have to do the work of contacting the sellers. So, what would happen if you came to them and provided them with information that is relevant to how your products fit their needs? Even if the information that you get from the intent data isn’t directly related to your offer, it grants significant insights into potential industries or clients.

Salespeople can use intent data to target the businesses that are actively educating themselves on your products and services. Marketing can use the information from intent data to personalize the experiences of direct ads to these companies, driving them further into the sales funnel.

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Making Sense of Intent Data – MRP Makes It Easy

Finding and utilizing intent data isn’t something that comes naturally, but that doesn’t mean that it is difficult. With MRP, you have access to our world class tools and software that do much of the work for you. Once you’ve established the criteria you need for ideal candidates, our tool gets to work, finding your ideal clients and helping you reach them.
Then, we repeat the process over and over and over again, providing you with consistent, measurable results that you can refine for different campaigns. Intent data can do so many things that we’ve only touched on a few – you can use it to expand your offerings, build up your brand recognition, practice new marketing techniques, and so much more.

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