Account-Based Marketing Software

ABM software is one of the best ways to fulfill ABM marketing. It gives you a step in the right direction (or rather, a leap in the right direction) to make the kinds of sales goals that once seemed only a dream. At first, ABM sounds daunting because there is a lot of work that goes into it. 

However, ABM software helps you to build up your potential client base quickly and with less work from you than ever before.

What Is ABM Software?

ABM software is utilized by companies that are no longer willing to sit by and allow themselves to market to just anyone in hopes of picking up a customer or two. Instead, it is for those who want to find prospects who need them and then market directly to them, picking up bigger clients who are more fruitful. These are the companies that completely revolutionize the way they are doing things – and never look back.

ABM software offers better strategies and more resources for your entire workforce – building on traditional sales and marketing efforts by completely eliminating the “search and rescue” steps.

Instead, you get the chance to curtail your marketing efforts to the individual, reaching out to them on the pain points that they have experienced before. ABM software handles some of the most labor intensive work in your marketing program and it does so quickly – allowing you to strike while the iron is hot.

ABM Software is for anyone who is tired of spending countless hours marketing to prospects who don’t need your products or companies tired of spending money on marketing campaigns that don’t bring a return.

We’ve Got You Covered

How ABM Software Works

BM software works to help you find the ideal customers based on your criteria. It helps connect you to prospects who are searching for what you do. These leads are tailored to your industry and products. You can highlight one product over others or do a more overarching campaign – that is all up to you. There are so many ways that you can do this, but the main key is to find customers who fulfill some of the following needs:

  • Pay higher amounts for your services
  • Repeatedly purchase your services
  • Create higher than average profit margins
  • Recommend you to other clients

When you get these targeted accounts, you will be able to do some research on your own to determine who is in control, how they make key product decisions, and who is influential over the budget. This allows you to build a marketing campaign that they will engage with and then develop a sales pitch they will love.

ABM software can give you insider information on how that targeted customer behaves as well. You will be able to talk to them on their level using the medium they comfortable using, in some cases. With these ABM tools, available through MRP’s ABM software, you will be able to deploy your tactics quickly and efficiently.

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    What Is Included in ABM Software?

    There are a lot of pieces to make up the best ABM software, but the pivotal tools used in ABM software include:

    Predictive Analytics: Uses big data to provide B2B marketing opportunities to sales and marketing teams. Can help with client prioritization and demographic information.

    Automation: These tools help to keep clients moving through the sales funnel. They will contact and nurture clients as you develop a sales pitch or customize a plan for them.

    Retargeting: Allows companies to display and segment advertisements that are geared toward specific clients.

    The best account based marketing software helps you to put your marketing strategy into focus. You can align your marketing with a specified list of targets that is in place, adding a new look and feel to marketing. In essence, it makes it fun again. Initially, there may be some trepidation or some fear going into a new type of software. ABM software isn’t too different from traditional lead generation software, but you will immediately see the difference in your results.

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    Why Your Business Needs ABM Software

    ABM software doesn’t have to be a big change to your daily work, but it will cause a ripple that will make everyone’s jobs easier. That is because when you use ABM software, you are using something that will make your results easier to understand. You will have a better time discussing the successes that you‘ve had with stakeholders and you’ll be able to effectively strategize for the future. With ABM software, you will get a running record of your successes and failures as well as the important marketing information.

    ABM software gives  you the chance to be two steps ahead of your competition who is likely focusing only on inbound marketing. You’ll be able to skip that step and directly market only to people who need what you are selling.

    They key is that ABM software leads you to prospects who are ready to buy – they just haven’t found the right product yet. With our software, you will be ready for them. Your sales and marketing team will have a pitch ready and meeting times planned before they even reach out to you. By the time your competition finds them through traditional marketing, you will already have them signing on the dotted line.

    Most importantly, ABM software thinks about how to target your ideal clients, bring them to the table, and then sign them and start to generate revenue.

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    We’ll Show You How It’s Done

    ABM software is a game changer in many situations. It takes a level of commitment to the process and strategization to produce results, but they are always worthwhile. With MRP’s ABM services, you cut out some of the work on your own, allowing you to focus solely on the marketing and sales aspect instead of finding clients. 

    It is important to note that ABM services can help almost any organization if calibrated properly. ABM services do allow for some customization and leniency, however. You can choose whether you want to target clients quickly, and cast a wider net, or you want to target on an individual basis. Both have their merits and it depends on which system you want to do.

    ABM service can provide you with huge opportunities and unlock a future that might not exist if you continue on using your same sales and marketing techniques.

    More Than A Different Version Of Yet Another ABM Platform

    MRP Prelytix is purpose-built to simplify the complexity of your operating environment, enabling account-based programs that are coordinated with your existing marketing programs, across all your global marketing initiatives.