Looking for an account based marketing company? Tired of working to find accounts only to get a response that they are “not ready” to make the leap?  An ABM company can help you there – eliminating the need for countless failed campaigns and sales meetings.

But choosing an ABM company can be hard – and they are not all created equally. For instance, some can help with simple targeting and some can actually deliver results that result in higher sales and better quality leads.

MRP is trusted by the Fortune 100 for a reason. Not only is our predictive analytics world class, but we have the ability to execute the campaigns that deliver results.

So what is an ABM company and why does it behoove you to work with one?

An ABM company (account based marketing company) helps companies to deploy a more efficient alternative to traditional marketing strategies. This one is a B2B strategy that concentrates your sales and marketing resources onto a clearly defined set of perfectly targeted accounts within a specified market. From there, you will be able to design personalized campaigns that will  resonate with each account, thus increasing your chance of a successful sales campaign.

At first, this may seem far too simplistic and/or  similar to your current marketing strategy – but we can deliver the results that you can expect from working with a leading ABM company. We help to drive your sales and marketing functions to put their focus onto the clients that have the greatest chance of conversion.

Feel like your teams aren’t working closely enough to get you real results? With an ABM company, sales and marketing functions learn to collaborate using tools and techniques that will revolutionize both.

Working with ABM companies and predictive analytics empowers teams with insider knowledge of your customers’ intents and, perhaps even more importantly, their needs on account levels. Thus, you will have the opportunity to develop relevant, personalized content that will entice them to purchase your product or service. This all but eliminates work that you are probably doing now that doesn’t pay off – including blind marketing.

An account based marketing company like MRP does this through our powerful tools and systems that have been carefully vetted and tested.  MRP Prelytix is a predictive analytics tool that helps you to define your target markets, and then prioritize them. This allows your sales and marketing teams to align, helping both to go further and achieve more.

MRP, one of the leading account based marketing companies, provides comprehensive and predictive ABM services to TFT 100 & Global 1000 companies.  Using AI & Machine learning, MRP can future proof your targeting strategy, along with a full suite of supporting services including:

  • Predictive digital advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Inside sales support / appointment setting
  • Trigger based campaign execution on an account basis

Our demo shows our world class capabilities and AI-powered technologies that will grow your pipeline and shorten your sales cycles.

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MRP Prelytix

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