Discover how the leading Workspace as a Service (WaaS) provider ensured they distributed the right content, at the right time

Streamlining Customers And Prospects’ Content Download Process

Our client’s customers and prospects are typically tasked with buying content downloads from publishers and middle men with variables that effect cost, quality and follow up time. MRP Prelytix is uniquely positioned in the market as we monitor and engage with customers throughout the full buyers journey. Tying together executions and results across tactics, MRP Prelytix makes it seamless for customers to purchase but also to implement and action.

Right Content + Right Time = Better Content Engagement

Split between multiple geographies and multiple messages geared towards a specific set of accounts, MRP Prelytix instances were set up for each message with their own set of keywords. Prioritizing accounts based on those with the highest ABM scores receiving emails first, MRP shared each active account list with Leadiro who sourced contacts within the accounts and marketed the assets. Providing better content engagement and better customer experience and higher engagement across tactics, this content syndication campaign amplified and delivered ROI in the form of actual leads for our client.

Beyond Top-Of-Funnel Activity

Designed to drive personalized and unified content experiences for customers, MRP’s content syndication network extends the content reach of enterprise organizations, to garner greater insights and refine their go-to-market strategies. Uniquely positioned in the market, MRP Prelytix learns from client CRM & MAP data, augments that insight with intent and predictive scoring and then triggers interactions, across its content syndication network based upon the needs and buyer journey stage of target accounts.