CCPA Update


The Californian Consumer Privacy Act 2020 (CCPA) comes into force on 01 January 2020 and will govern how MRP processes and secures personal data related to Californian citizens.

MRP has been developing its CCPA strategy for many months recognizing the importance of working well ahead of this legislation.   This effort involves close collaboration between senior management, internal legal counsel and the MRP-Prelytix software development team.

At present, our corporate legal team are in the final stages of reviewing our CCPA implementation plan for suitability under the Act.

When enforcement begins on 1st January 2020, MRP is committed to compliance across our suite of products and services.  In advance, any queries or requests related to CCPA preparation can be directed to

Further updates on our progress will be regularly communicated to our clients via this page and other appropriate channels.