Real-Time Data Management and Analytics

KX built its technology and reputation in the most demanding data environments in the world – powering the Financial Markets for over 20 years with the world’s fastest and best-informed real-time decision-making capabilities. KX is the recognized driving force behind the success of many of the most ambitious organizations on the planet, including leaders in Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, and even Formula One.

For developers, data scientists, quantitative analysts, and business leaders with applications and algorithms that require continuous and contextual real-time data intelligence, KX accelerates the speed to business value with KX Insights – an integrated data management and streaming analytics platform for real-time decision-making.

KX Insights delivers agility and scalability and runs anywhere with extensive data science language integrations and interoperability. It is integrated to provide richer analytics at scale and speed, by ingesting, managing, analyzing, and visualizing all your data on one platform, enriching real-time streaming data with historical context for best-informed decision intelligence. And it’s proven to deliver fast ROI, with STAC and Yahoo Streaming benchmarks exceeding competitors’ performance and independent analysts’ studies indicating 315% ROI realized in less than six months.