Driving Engagement with Email Marketing

Our solution is programmatic, applying insights to trigger the send of each message and coordinate content approach with other platforms.

Transforming Outreach Experiences

Email is such a critical component to an ABM program that we’ve created unsurpassed flexibility for you to succeed with it. Each year we deploy thousands of ABM structured email campaigns for clients using our enterprise-class platform, alternatively, we can connect MRP Prelytix to any of the top MAP systems and instruct them to execute orchestrated, triggered and consistent email communications. We give you choice and control.

Connecting Insights To Action

Email is the most highly adopted channel and likely your most prolific means to communicate. However, these systems struggle to operate in an account-structured environment and typically conflict with ABM programs. MRP changes all of that. Today, your marketing automation system can become a central figure in your ABM program, allowing you to both trigger and control account and buyer specific messages, and feed invaluable 1st party data back into our predictive algorithms, multiplying future success.

Beyond Top-Of-Funnel Activity

Designed to drive personalized and unified content experiences for customers, MRP’s content syndication network extends the content reach of enterprise organizations, to garner greater insights and refine their go-to-market strategies. Uniquely positioned in the market, MRP Prelytix learns from client CRM & MAP data, augments that insight with intent and predictive scoring and then triggers interactions, across its content syndication network based upon the needs and buyer journey stage of target accounts.

Recomposing Account-Based Data From Contact-Based 

Marketing Automation systems are contact-centric rather than account-centric, and most ABM platforms avoid this technical challenge, as it’s not as valuable to their core markets. MRP provides the advanced data management technologies necessary to organize account-based data from contact-based systems, and can cleanse, map, and append data for deeper insights and more accurate reporting. With a single view of each target account across platforms and teams, marketers can target precisely, deliver personalization across channels, and measure program results accurately.

Transforming Email Experiences

Your ability to control email as a mainstay of your ABM program is a must-have. Customers and prospects have learned to filter out the noise, so your email marketing strategy needs to be well-timed, relevant and coordinated with other touch points. It’s no longer adequate to simply push send, MRP enables you to shift from a large silo of disconnected message streams, to an ABM powerhouse built for target account engagement.