MRP Prelytix

The Only Enterprise Class Predictive ABM Platform

Beyond Transactional ABM

It seems like every day a new vendor’s saying that they’ve cracked the code on B2B marketing. Especially, Account-Based Marketing. What most fail to realize is that there’s a larger body of research and best practice that will always exist… because in the end, this is about human behavior and not simply the latest widget some startup created.

Research shows that marketing programs that can identify audience needs and deliver messages to match those needs across channels, can increase overall performance by 300% (Gartner) and engagement by 251% (ClickZ), or increase display ad click-thru by 700% (MarketingSherpa).

But, getting to this point of performance and simplicity isn’t necessarily simple. Research also shows that B2B Buyers use all your channels of communication to evaluate their purchase decision and two-thirds of them leave the process frustrated. Why? They can’t figure out what you’re trying to tell them, because messages are conflicted between channels.

Enterprise-Class ABM Platform Architecture

MRP Prelytix is designed to shorten the time from the identification of a piece of relevant data, to the execution of the highest value marketing response, and to do this at scale, globally. 

Insights – These data signals are honed into actionable insights using the most advanced and fastest streaming analytics technology on the planet, Kx. Our AI and Machine Learning capabilities are so advanced, even clients can use our platform to create and test their own predictive analytic algorithms and deploy them within our platform.

Data – Our platform consumes 1.5 trillion data signals per month. We ingest a wide variety of data, from client sales and marketing technology integrations to global newsfeeds and billions of pages on the open web, so our clients can have the most accurate and far-reaching knowledge of each target account.

Actions – MRP Prelytix is the only platform capable of connecting insights to omnichannel orchestrated actions, using the client or built-in delivery infrastructure. From one interface, clients can create automated triggers and orchestration responses that can deliver in as many as eight delivery channels.

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