Finding Your Market Niche to Drive Demand: B2Boring With Javi Cano

September 27, 2023 | Podcast

Episode Description

Join Chris Rack as he dives deep into advanced marketing strategies with our special guest, Javi. In this insightful episode, we unpack the upsides and downsides of event marketing, explore the art of finding that perfect marketing niche, and discuss innovative ways to drive demand when traditional methods hit a wall.

Have you ever felt perplexed by Google Ads and its ever-changing algorithm? Javi offers insights on navigating it effectively and shares tips and tricks every B2B marketer needs in their arsenal. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing pro or just stepping into the B2B world, this episode is packed with actionable insights that can propel your marketing game to new heights. Tune in and discover the secrets to standing out in a saturated market!


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