MRP Prelytix: Account Based Marketing Powered by Predictive Analytics

For nearly 20 years, we’ve focused on the needs and challenges of enterprise sales and marketing teams

More than A Different Version Of Yet Another ABM Platform

The world of an enterprise-class marketer is vastly different than that of the early-stage startup or mid-tier marketing organization. Because your operating environment is mature and sophisticated, your needs are different.  In your environment, ABM programs need to coordinate across teams and create consistent customer experience across channels.

MRP Prelytix is purpose-built to simplify the complexity of your operating environment, enabling account-based programs that are coordinated with your existing marketing programs, across all your global marketing initiatives.

Enterprise ABM Requirements:

  • Enterprise Administration – Support and coordinate account-based programs across multiple partners, business units, industries, and geographies.

  • Integrated Data Intelligence – Advanced data management capable of integrating, maintaining, and operationalizing account structured data from CRM and Marketing Automation, as well as external data sources.

  • Actionable Target Account Insights – Personalization insights based upon intent topics and predictive analytics, actioned in real-time through recommended actions.

  • Omnichannel Orchestration – Automated account interactions delivered across all relevant channels, using delivery infrastructure from your tech stack or an ABM platform.

  • Real-Time Sales Intelligence – Sales collaboration built into the platform, actioning salespeople to convert marketing investments into attributable revenue.

  • Revenue Driving Analytics – Configurable reporting designed to match your existing funnel stages and represent target account progress across all channels.

MRP Prelytix Core Platform Features:

Integrated or À la Carte »

We understand every enterprise has its own set of requirements and constraints, which is why MRP Prelytix puts you in control. If you have a seasoned ABM team with a ton of bandwidth or limited experience with constrained resources, or even if your tech stack is robust or lacking, we’ve got you covered. With MRP you can find the right combination of services and technology to fit your exact needs. At your discretion, you can deploy our predictive analytics as a standalone or integrated solution, use your email system or ours, you can even activate our seasoned, global, multichannel ABM experts or tap into our built-in multichannel deployment services. It’s all under your control.

Mature, Omnichannel ABM Engine »

Many ABM platforms possess multiple channel capabilities, but that’s not enough for enterprise marketers. When audience targeting remains within siloed platforms and teams, multichannel capabilities create a cacophony of overmarketing and inconsistent messaging. Moving beyond multichannel to more mature, omnichannel marketing, MRP Prelytix provides advanced ABM controls and real-time triggered connections that read the needs of a target account and deliver the next best action.

Pre-Built Integrations

ABM Analytics »

ABM measurement doesn’t exist in an ABM platform, it exists across all your platforms. MRP Prelytix delivers a critically important and complete picture of engagement, sourcing data from your surrounding sales and marketing systems, and results in reporting of these target account activities, enabling you to drill down from global results to individual programs, to a specific target account. More than a simple view into a platform or econometric assumptions of smaller attribution systems, our rich analytics provide the right revenue accountable environment for marketers to justify and optimize their marketing investments. 

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Key Steps To Humanize The B2B Experience In ABM

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The Next Generation Of Intent

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The Future Of Enterprise-Class ABM

The Future Of Enterprise-Class ABM

As enterprises rush to accelerate the delivery of effective account-based marketing programs, the platforms which support it have become a critical bottleneck. Enterprise organizations have a sophisticated go-to-market approach, with specialized teams focused on products or geographies and subject matter experts who compose their ABM program development. This sophisticated go-to-market approach creates a paramount need for ABM to be actionable across all teams, driving the need for a multitenant, collaborative platform.