Enterprise-Class Programmatic ABM

MRP Prelytix connects real-time streaming intent and predictive analytics directly to

triggered media selection and robust, omnichannel orchestration.

Predictive, Data-Driven Advertising To Drive ROI

Whatever your goals, MRP’s programmatic advertising serves the whole buyer journey.​ Whether it’s casting a wide net to reach potential prospects or driving engagement and improving conversion rates through full-funnel orchestration, MRP enable you to select the right strategy to reach your goals.

Insight-Triggered Advertising

From early buying stages to stimulate awareness and brand familiarity, to driving specific actions to propel demand generation, the MRP Prelytix platform is powered by the world’s fastest streaming analytics technology, Kx, and has the ability to deliver personalized and contextually relevant messaging to your target accounts and achieve your revenue goals. Whether you have a mandated agency relationship or an existing DMP relationship, MRP Prelytix delivers world-class insights to the place where you need them.

Multiple Targeting Options

MRP has set a new bar for the ABM industry, announcing the most technically innovative solutions that build omnichannel consistency and performance while advancing display advertising capabilities. Fueling this capacity, MRP Prelytix now offers a revolutionary account data graph with self-learning and correcting features, global reach, and an array of recognition and cross-channel targeting options, including Mobile Advertising ID’s (MaID’s) and LiveRamp’s IdentityLink™.


From campaign response, to partner and behavioral activity, our platform compiles and optimizes a single source of truth for each target account and can train custom or standard AI/ML models to constantly optimize creative selection, as well as prescribe the next best action step and trigger that response. MRP Prelytix is the only ABM platform that helps brands activate their data more intelligently by powering personalised, interactive, conversational experiences in standard display formats. What’s more, the in-ad conversations generate new actionable ‘declared data’ which can be used for future remarketing.

Brand Governance

The top concern for enterprise-class advertisers is brand governance, the ability to control or limit the types of sites their ads are delivered through. Enterprise marketers must have this control and MRP is the only ABM platform to provide this. No longer do you need to worry about your CEO finding your ads on an inappropriate website, MRP gives you the ability to both “whitelist” and “blacklist” publishing sites.

Conversion and Revenue Attribution

MRP Prelytix’s cross channel attribution delivers a single customer view with unified online and offline account intelligence, allowing customers to ingest a variety of data sources, organize the intelligence by relevant topic and apply cutting edge machine learning and AI models to alert and action the appropriate stakeholders in real-time. We connect media conversion to people so you can analyze pipeline impact, identify cross channel influence and optimize your display ad program using facts.