Achieve Enterprise ABM Performance

In a world where marketers utilize only 58% of their martech stack’s potential, the role of the marketing operations leader becomes ever more pressing.

Simplifying The Complexities Of Enterprise Marketing Ops 

Without the guided and optimized direction of consistent measurement efforts, the process of identifying, approaching, and engaging with prospects becomes an amazingly complex web of decisions. This is a natural part of enterprise distributed marketing as one’s business model is distributed so workflows are going to be complex.

While ABM may be a team sport, existing ABM solutions focus on solving the single contributor SMB reality, failing to recognize the diversification of the enterprise. By connecting the expertise and capabilities of the enterprise’s diverse workforce, MRP enables this pivot — at scale.

Serving Cross Functional Relationships Across Departmental Silos

Beyond siloed capabilities, MRP provides the advanced data management technologies that can organize account-based data from contact-based systems, and can cleanse, map, and append data for deeper insights and more accurate reporting. Sourcing data from your surrounding sales and marketing systems, MRP results in reporting of these target account activities, enabling you to drill down from global results, to individual programs, to a specific target account.

With a single view of each target account across platforms and teams, marketers can target precisely, deliver personalization across channels, and measure program results accurately.

Creating A Shared View Of Today’s Buyer

We understand every enterprise has its own set of requirements and constraints, which is why MRP puts you in control. If you have a seasoned ABM team with a ton of bandwidth or limited experience with constrained resources, or even if your tech stack is robust or lacking, we’ve got you covered. At your discretion, you can deploy our predictive analytics as a standalone or integrated solution, use your email system or ours, and can even activate our seasoned, global, multilingual ABM experts or tap into our built-in omnichannel deployment services. It’s all under your control.