Account Based Marketing Operations

Analyze the movement of your target accounts and measure conversion rate by tactics, segment, region, and sales resources, to continuously make your next actions smarter and more valuable.

Pipeline Management

For marketing teams to demonstrate ROI and budget responsibility, the response actions and tracking of opportunities through the sales cycle is a top priority, but a persistent challenge for many organizations. MRP solves this issue on a global basis for many of the worlds largest sales and marketing organizations. Combining proprietary technology with operational specialists, we ensure that each qualified opportunity not only makes it’s way to the right salesperson or partner, but also that each follow up action occurs, is recorded and tracked properly in your CRM.

Account Based Attribution

Account based marketing presents a new set of challenges to marketers, as their core technologies employ a lead based data architecture that provides neither the right framework for analytics, nor the ability to aggregate and normalize these data across platforms and channels. Our rich analytics provide the right revenue accountable environment for marketers to justify and optimize their marketing investments.

Pre-Built Integrations

Through hundreds of conversations and deployments, we learned that enterprise-class organizations have varied needs when it comes to utilizing existing technical infrastructure, sourcing new or even deploying some functionality on a managed service basis. MRP Prelytix is designed around such a use case, providing clients the flexibility to deploy programs at any point in this continuum, or a hybrid combination.

MRP Prelytix

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