Reclaiming Channel Partner’s Rightful Spot in ABM

An unrestricted stream of intelligence is the only means to make ABM work in the channel environment. This means a single shared data source with open lines of communication between sales and marketing, both at a partner AND vendor levels. MRP has been delivering results in the channel for the largest and most complex companies in the world, since our inception nearly 20 years ago.

Account-Based Enablement: Leading The Changing Channel

In a fragmented and disconnected operating environment, MRP clients can optimize MDF investments, track conversion by partner and tactic, and have consistent and measurable pipeline revenue reporting. Using technology and experts, we tune and track your conversion and pipeline contribution. Ensuring consistent measurement and providing complete visibility into successes and failures by partner and tactic, clients who use this capability grow channel revenue twice as fast as those who do not.

Closing The Channel Enablement Void To Enable Partner Engagement

To Partner Channel Enablement

MRP operates as an account/partner-based marketing engine for clients, enabling them to identify new partners, and then engage, recruit, onboard, and educate them. Using our proprietary database with more than 117,000 reseller organizations around the globe, we help channel marketing teams benchmark the completeness of their current partner selection and manage this ecosystem with the highest level of intelligence; whether targeting competitors or fit by industry and geography.

With Partner Channel Enablement

MRP drives thousands of 1:1 partner marketing consultations each year.  Our goal is to provide a white-glove marketing experience focused on understanding the partner’s target market, priority accounts, and annual business goals. The partner can choose to orchestrate at each stage of the buyer journey stage. Some partners have sophisticated sales and marketing teams that can implement these plans in house. In contrast, others take advantage of MRP’s end to end marketing services to drive nurture, lead generation, and other required efforts.

Through Partner Channel Enablement

MRP is the only provider of true multi-partner ABM programs available today, and we’ve cracked to code on how you can tap MDF to help fuel high-impact programs. Our proven global capability delivers full-service execution of multichannel marketing programs designed to target based upon account level intent and predictive scoring, as well as renewal or competitive data. Built into our platform, we execute across 8 channels and track performance directly into your CRM. We put you in control of your MDF, conversion, and pipeline objectives.