How Artificial Intelligence Powers Next Generation Inside Sales

May 24, 2018

Inside Sales has been a critical success factor for winning B2B companies. This success has also created key challenges that can limit future scale.


Join MRP and SiriusDecisions in this fast-paced live webinar as we unpack these challenges and deliver actionable insight for you to direct or redirect your efforts.

Helping to put an end to cold calling, we’ll be discussing how AI will transform inside sales:
– Account prioritization – how to apply data to inform timing and needs
– Lead consolidation – becoming expert at markets
– Topic identification – develop certainty in knowing needs and timing
– Automation – How a prioritized queue will automate the calling workflow of sales teams
– Predictive – How embedded AI and machine learning enable real-time predictive execution

Let’s face it, doing more of the same isn’t working. MRP Next Generation Inside Sales is powered by artificial intelligence and allows your team to work smarter. Our prioritized calling queue is powered by a combination of engagement data, real time intent and historical contact data. We’ll help you put an end to cold calling through for more intelligent and relevant conversations.

Watch this webinar and join Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director of Demand Creation Strategies, SiriusDecisions and Kevin Cunningham,CEO, President and Co-Founder, MRP as they discuss where the future of inside sales is headed.


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