Cross-Channel, Personalized Orchestration

Tightly fused to your sales and marketing systems, MRP Prelytix connects real-time streaming intent and predictive analytics directly to triggered media selection and robust, cross-channel orchestrations.

Triggered Media Selection

Through purpose built DSP’s, MRP Prelytix gives subscribers the ability to create customized, unique and purpose-built segments based on firmographic, demographic and engagement data. This allows clients to activate dynamic, triggered media selection using the most appropriately timed message, with the flexibility to change the message based on real-time insights.


More than guesses and conjecture, our ABM engine applies advanced machine learning to constantly optimize creative selection. This is a monumental achievement for marketers who seek to impact buyer relationships and revenue because the target account relationship is both unique and ever changing. From need identification to evolving stages of buyer’s journey, MRP Prelytix provides a single point of “truth” for personalized orchestrations across seven channels.

Beyond Top-Of-Funnel Activity

Designed to drive personalized and unified content experiences for customers, MRP’s content syndication network extends the content reach of enterprise organizations, to garner greater insights and refine their go-to-market strategies. Uniquely positioned in the market, MRP Prelytix learns from client CRM & MAP data, augments that insight with intent and predictive scoring and then triggers interactions, across its content syndication network based upon the needs and buyer journey stage of target accounts.

Cross-Channel Orchestration

MRP Prelytix allows customers to create dynamic, real-time audience selectors that can trigger new sales and marketing actions based upon any selectable attributes, delivered through MRP or client platform across display, web, email/MAP, sales alerts, content syndication, inside sales, and direct mail.

MRP Prelytix

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