ServiceNow Increases Speed to Revenue with Insight-Driven ABM

The Client

Global technology leader ServiceNow offers a cloud‑based platform and solutions to help digitize and unify organizations to find more innovative, faster, better ways to make work flow. The company serves more than 7,400 enterprises around the globe and relies on its field marketing team to expertly support sales and marketing with programs that bring in quality opportunities. These include various traditional and digital initiatives, including large events, trade shows, unique experiential programs, user groups, direct mail, and digital initiatives.

We’ve seen massive growth lately, which led to the creation of additional product lines and the desire to break out in different regions,” explained Heather Rath, ServiceNow’s Director of Field Marketing – US Enterprise. “There’s a lot of complexity as we look at sales’ needs and priorities, and if we break out a new industry team, they might have different priorities than an existing core team.”

“Our ultimate goal is to connect marketing awareness to sales readiness in order to drive new revenue and accelerate open pipeline to close,” explains Rath. “When delivering interactions, engagements or account insights to sales, our team is always looking to provide the most qualified opportunities – and the most up to date information and insights to ensure they’re starting the conversation at the right time.”

Heather Rath

Director of Field Marketing - US Enterprise, ServiceNow

The Challenge

To succeed at every stage of the funnel, ServiceNow knew it required a data-driven ABM approach that would ensure that marketing and sales priorities were identical and all programs were executed based on each unique customer’s needs. In addition, Rath’s team needed to fuel close collaboration, not simply alignment, between field marketing and brand, campaign, and product SMEs to ensure the right messaging and with inside sales and solution selling experts to drive effective follow-up. To bring this strategy to life, the right ABM technology would need to provide deep intelligence into the accounts operating out of ServiceNow’s West Coast buying center, as well as strong capabilities for orchestration, personalization, and collaboration, to empower ServiceNow to:

– Identify geographic specificity to determine the next-best-action;
– Enhance the data fueling mid- and post-funnel ABM strategies;
– Seamlessly move top-of-funnel marketing leads into mid-, and post-funnel sales leads.

The Solution

After evaluating multiple ABM technology platforms, ServiceNow partnered with MRP to accelerate speed to market, pipeline, and to revenue. With MRP Prelytix®, ServiceNow engages in a wide variety of data-driven tactics across a buyer’s journey and progresses campaigns from 1:many to 1:targeted few based on nuanced data signals. With Prelytix®, ServiceNow can create target account lists based on geo-specific regions – a must for the enterprise. The company also uses Prelytix to prioritize prospect and customer outreach based on buyer journey stage, intent topics focused around business imperatives, propensity to act, and funnel management in order to ensure messages are landing with those most likely to buy. This approach is also used post-purchase to drive renewals, expansion, and cross-sell opportunities.

Campaign execution, including channels, strategy, and objectives, differ depending on the funnel stage. ServiceNow is currently using Prelytix to orchestrate content syndication, email, digital profiling, and direct mail. This includes “two-touch” campaigns, which wrap a broader, early-stage outreach with a more targeted direct mail campaign. Rath emphasizes that campaign follow-up is critical, and all campaigns are evaluated based on the efficiency of funnel movement.

“The great thing about MRP Prelytix® is that we can get laser-focused not only on the geography and region but also home in on specific accounts that might need additional support,” Rath explained. “We’ve been able to build ABM micro-clusters that enable us to orchestrate very targeted, successful campaigns.”
Heather Rath

Director of Field Marketing - US Enterprise, ServiceNow

The Result

ServiceNow’s ABM strategies and tactics have allowed the field marketing organization to speed time to market, to pipeline, and to revenue – and build new levels of trust and partnership with the sales team.

One example is a 3x increase in sales-created pipeline for a high-profile vaccine management campaign that Rath and her team quickly launched in 2021 in response to a White House vaccine mandate. Leveraging data, insights, and orchestration from MRP Prelytix®, ServiceNow was able to quickly formulate and execute a highly successful campaign that promoted ServiceNow’s capabilities to help companies and employees return to the workplace.

Collaborating with an extended team across ServiceNow, Rath leveraged ABM analytics, digital profiling, and content syndication capabilities to create a target account list, pre-qualify leads, and prioritize opportunities based on intent and engagement. With sales fully engaged – and empowered to take advantage of urgent interest – pipeline tripled.