How SecureWorks® Uses Predictive Analytics and ABM Services to Drive SMB Success





Return On Investment


Secureworks is a leading global cybersecurity company that keeps organizations safe in a digitally connected world. When Nichole Austion joined the organization as Field Marketing Manager, she took a hard look at the demand generation tactics being used, and concluded that the current approach just wasn’t working.

“SecureWorks serves the mid-market, and we have over 300,000 contacts in our database,” said Nichole.  “Even the most robust demand generation campaign couldn’t touch a fraction of those contacts.”

To build a more effective marketing program, Nichole needed to narrow down those 300,000 contacts to the ones who were ready to buy.  She also wanted to be able to create and deliver account-based marketing programs tailored to the specific needs of those prospects.  After interviewing several firms, Nichole selected MRP because of their mix of predictive analytics capabilities and full a suite of account-based marketing services.

Identifying SecureWorks’ target market was the first step.  “Together with MRP, we looked at what content was resonating with the broader audience and built buyer personas.  MRP Prelytix combined that information with a real-time data stream of buying activity to identify the target market we needed to attack,” said Nichole.

Creating and delivering personalized, targeted content was the next step.  Said Nichole, “Because we serve such a broad range of SMBs, the needs of each company will vary, and the content has to reflect that.   For smaller companies, our message is that we can be their cybersecurity arm.  For larger SMBs, we take more of a hybrid approach – how can we complement what they already have in place?”

SecureWorks also took advantage of MRP’s account-based marketing services, using a combination of email, ad retargeting, and inside sales in their marketing outreach activities.  According to Nichole, the results have been phenomenal.  “The program generated an ROI of over 500%.  It was because we had the right target, the right message, delivered at the right time.  We couldn’t have done it without MRP Prelytix.”