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Marketing complex solutions for multiple lines of businesses (LOBs) to customers worldwide is an ongoing challenge for SAP, an enterprise application software provider that has customers in more than 180 countries and over 21,000 partner companies globally. Jorge Granada, Global Lead, Programs Center of Expertise, heads a team that coordinates and orchestrates marketing for every line of business at SAP and shared his experience during a presentation at the 2020 SiriusDecisions Summit.

“It’s hard enough to identify the right person in finance when you’re positioning specifically a finance solution,” Granada said. Marketing Guided Outcomes requires identifying and engaging with multiple buyers across an organization. Marketing Intelligent Technology Packages requires educating both new and existing customers about the benefits of the technologies.

From merely identifying target accounts, partnering with MRP has enabled SAP to drill down to identify building locations, buying teams and even specific individuals that are likely buyers for its products and solutions.

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