Ricciardi Group Delivers High-Impact ABM Programs That Builds Pipeline & Drives Revenue

The Client

Ricciardi Group (RG) is a boutique B2B female-founded marketing agency focused on transforming marketing strategy into tangible business results. The team thrives at the intersection of business and marketing, applying deep in-house experience and knowledge to deliver strategic and creative approaches as an agency. RG works with clients ranging from startups to enterprises in financial services, professional services, fintech, and health tech to engage audiences across initiatives, from branding to digital to advertising. Clients include well-known global brands like Visa, RBC, PwC, ComplySci, and more.

As Head of Digital Strategy, Megan Creighton brings a wealth of experience in data-driven marketing and a passion for architecting strategic demand gen campaigns and processes that transform the bottom line. At RG, she specializes in rebuilding infrastructures to support the full-funnel digital marketing plans she creates and executes, and delivers qualified opportunities and crucial insight to her stakeholders.

“MRP helps us ensure that sales and marketing perspectives are paired at every step of the process, including measuring and optimizing outcomes. With MRP, we can connect brand marketing to the end of the funnel in the best way possible to engage and nurture new audiences, fuel high-value sales conversations, and ultimately help drive more revenue.”

Megan Creighton

Head of Digital Strategy, The Ricciardi Group

The Solution

MRP Prelytix® is a cornerstone of these infrastructures for many leading B2B brands working with RG, particularly those who operate complex businesses across multiple geographies, languages, and buying centers. Using MRP, RG’s clients can quickly and easily add data-driven ABM programs within a comprehensive digital strategy that is optimized for peak performance – all without requiring extensive software integrations or resource commitments.

MRP’s technology leverages signals and interactions with potential buyers and buying groups – at the necessary scale – to identify and nurture new potential opportunities as part of a full-funnel program that connects brand advertising to pipeline and revenue. Intent signals are combined with firmographic data to identify new audiences that were not known in advance, determine propensity to engage, and understand the corresponding region or buying center, stage in the purchase cycle, and the next best action to move a deal closer to close. Orchestrated communications include customized landing pages with tailored Q&A that provide specific, qualitative insights into specific needs and goals that can be shared with sales and used to evolve and optimize marketing language and campaigns.

The Result

The partnership with MRP has proven very effective at generating new audiences that sit squarely in the Ideal Customer Profile but were not on the sales radar. Corresponding nurture programs consistently also rank among some of the highest-performing campaigns. In driving these results on behalf of their clients, Megan and RG have pioneered three key best practices that advance ABM:

Best Practice #1: Establish An ABM Strategy With Awareness

According to Creighton, ABM is most effective as part of an integrated full-funnel marketing program that starts with brand awareness. Once data shows that early awareness has been established, then mid-funnel ABM strategies can be deployed to maximize impact. This includes orchestrating personalized connections with new audiences.

Best Practice #2: Move Beyond Intent Data

While advertising can aid in brand awareness and retargeting, Creighton is clear that a tactical approach can never efficiently drive opportunities at the scale and volume expected for marketing by the business. Instead, leveraging MRP Prelytix®, Creighton can harness the power of AI and ML to parse signals in multiple languages from around the globe in real-time, derive instant insights and predictive recommendations, and provide seamless ABM program orchestration. This includes creating target groups based on specific regions, personas, industries, and more, as well as validate and prioritize target account lists.

Best Practice #3: Prioritize Actionable Insights

With MRP, Creighton typically deploys custom questions and assets to gain new insights and intelligence to share with both marketing and sales. Personalized, targeted connections include landing pages with specific questions to illuminate and evaluate pain points. In addition to providing sales teams with extra context for follow-up, response topics and patterns are analyzed to reveal insights into job titles, roles, priorities, and surface language for follow-up advertising or other marketing communications.


“I’ve spent my career working with marketing data, and MRP Prelytix® not only stands apart for its powerful intent and predictive insights but for the team’s understanding of data management, including how to access the right data, how to ask the right questions, and how to get to the right answers. It goes beyond technical excellence to a true partnership based in making sure that each program delivers as much value as possible.”

Megan Creighton

Head of Digital Strategy, The Ricciardi Group