Juniper Networks

Simplifying The Complex: ABM For The Sophisticated Marketing Organization



Juniper Networks had plenty of its own data to work with. What it lacked was insights into prospect needs and channel partners’ interactions with them. “We have a huge data team that sorts out best strategies and tactics for executing an ABM motion to shorten time to revenue, increase deal size and make it more rewarding for our sellers to focus on high-potential accounts,” Tina O’Dell, Head of Global Channel Marketing at Juniper Networks. “We can put that information together and hand it off to our channel organization or sellers, but after that, there’s a huge blind spot.”

Combining its own first-party intent data with MRP’s solution enabled O’Dell’s team to measure both prospects’ topics of interest and their propensity to act. By identifying the accounts with high levels of both interest and engagement, Juniper Networks can bubble up the highest-priority accounts and reach out to them first. This has simplified the company’s marketing strategy and made their campaigns more efficient; it has also accelerated time to revenue, while also allowing continued nurture of those accounts that demonstrate lower levels of interest and engagement.