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New active accounts identified in MRP Prelytix
Projected increase in lead conversion

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Infor’s go-to-market strategy focuses on specific industries, providing vertical functionality without costly, time-consuming customization. Harry Miller, VP of Infor Channels, is responsible for building the infrastructure and tools that help Infor channel partners sell into these vertical markets.

But for Harry, traditional marketing tools weren’t working. “The buyer is more sophisticated now,” said Harry. “You need to know what prospects are interested in, where they are in the buyer journey, and then craft your message accordingly. Today’s market requires us to be more deliberate about how we drive customer acquisition.”

That’s when Harry met MRP. He was familiar with the concept of predictive customer acquisition and its ability to drive sales in a more intelligent way. When Harry saw what MRP Prelytix could do, he knew instantly this was the right solution for his channel partners.

Download this case study to see how Infor leveraged MRP Prelytix predictive sales analytics to drive engagement across their channel partners.

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