Whitepaper: Humanizing The Account Based Marketing Experience

ABM ultimately has its roots in relationship cultivation, a concept that existed long before automation. Unfortunately, the buzz around the preponderance of technologies is so loud that many marketers are being led to believe that their ABM strategy is defined by which shiny new software provides what slick new capability. This misconception creates not only confusion for companies as they work to develop their account-focused strategies; it also leads to lost cycles, wasted budgets and failed efforts. If marketers aim to capitalize on the benefits of ABM,
they must realize this approach is so much more than what’s in their tech stack.

An effective ABM strategy must be humanistic — for both the company looking to roll-out account-based marketing, as well as the target market. We need to look beyond the technology, tools and tactics used to plan and execute programs. It starts with the needs of the organizations you’re aiming to engage—not just of the businesses’ needs, but also of the people within those companies. People make purchase decisions…not accounts.


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