What Does The Future Of B2B Marketing Hold?

Setting up success for the future using marketing qualified leads is a vital way to ensure that your company will push forward and overcome any issues that can emerge as technologies and markets change. To do this, your sales and marketing functions absolutely need to constantly look where they think the ball is going to go instead of hoping that the ball stays in their court.

The good news is that the future of B2B marketing is somewhat easy to predict using trends. One bad thing is that trends are changing more rapidly than ever before, but having a good process in place can help you to roll with the punches and make changes quickly.

Throughout the last few years, B2B marketing has changed quite a bit. Companies now give more power to leads and prospects as more information is available than ever before; but there is a catch: marketers have to be more strategic and far more efficient in what they do.

So what does the future of B2B marketing hold? There are a few patterns emerging:

Social Information Will Drive Conversion More Than Ever

Every day, there is a large amount of information and data going through various social media platforms. Relationships between customers and companies continue to grow on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It is time for marketing and sales functions to use that data to drive results that actually matter. We are all living our lives on social media, despite the risks, so why not use it to our advantages however we can?

LinkedIn is the most important platform for most niches. You can track potential clients and see the information they interact with and then target them with that sort of material. If someone doesn’t look at videos, for example, going after them with a video, no matter how great it is, will never work.

At the same time, you can use social trends to track your market and see if there is an opportunity to expand. Of course, you can also track who looks at your page on certain social media platforms, which is invaluable information.

Personalized Tracking Moves Into The Drivers Seat

People on the internet have already caught onto personalized tracking – it is what makes that pair of shoes you looked at on one website follow you wherever you go. As technology develops, there is a chance to sync up this sort of tracking with someone’s phone or even their cars. It isn’t difficult to think that we will know where people go, how long they spend there, and even what they do while they are there.

The trick for marketers and salespeople is to determine what is “too much” in terms of personalized tracking. Already, there are signs that people are starting to fight back against some of this intrusive tracking, so you want to consider that when you think about your target market.

Big Data Brings Big Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges with big data is to determine whether or not the information you get is worthwhile or useful. The truth is that all information brought in by big data means something to someone, the key is determining which pieces mean something to you. More and more companies are seeing the importance of big data. Companies use it to find their perfectly targeted clients and get clues about how to proceed with them. These companies are among the most innovative and forward thinking – and adopting this practice earlier is better.

The hardest part of the process of B2B marketing is getting a process together that actually works for you – but to have to go through it again every year, routine check-ups can help to keep both teams on track, helping them to work together.

At MRP, we have the technology to help you with the qualifications you already have and help you to determine new criteria to bring you into the future of B2B marketing and converting your leads. If you are ready to get started with information that was previously inaccessible to you, contact us today.

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