Weaponize Your Content Strategy with Predictive Analytics

June 14, 2018 | Blog, Resources

There is no question that Predictive Analytics are a game changer for your content marketing strategy. That said, marketers too focused on utilizing predictive analytics to measure structured data, are missing out on the opportunities that can be gained from insights derived from unstructured data. Insights like customer sentiments should be directing your content strategy, from content conception stage right through to the evaluation of the success of your efforts.

Every word, image, and follower has an impact.

Predictive analytics give you an unparalleled level of visibility of your website traffic and where that traffic is originating. When it comes to content marketing, tracking traffic peaks and valleys can help you to sharpen the timing and placement of content, while elevating your creatives and messaging. By observing these trends, opportunities for improvement will present themselves. For example, which sites does content perform best? Which types of personas tend to prefer which channels?

But this is speaking in broad terms, considering a more granular sense, predictive analytics can help you understand things like cultural or demographical trends. For example, is a particular type of content generating a lot of traffic from one particular geographical region? There might be localized or cultural reasons that messaging is resonating, and now you have a data to assist you in further personalization of your content.

Trends Worth Watching Out For.

If you were to consider a piece of content is gaining a lot of traffic from a certain vertical – for example, a blog about the use of disruptive technologies like AI gathering a lot of clicks from people in the finance industry. Now you have useful awareness about what’s happening in that industry. Maybe there has been an increase in fund managers assessing what digital transformation means for the economy, or maybe there’s a shift in the mortgage industry, with chatbots now increasingly interacting with customers. Not only will this help you focus your content on the service offerings that hit these hot points of interest, it also gives you insights into industry trends that serve as a competitive advantage.

Time to go Nancy Drew on the competition.

Consider the competitors operating within your marketplace. What if your most valuable lead or even your largest client was looking at your biggest competitor’s website? This may be an indicator that your competitor’s messaging is hitting those customer pain points your missing. This insight could potentially suggest it’s time to adjust the content you serve to mid-stage prospects or perhaps it’s time to reach out to current customers, ensuring they are aware of all your service offerings. In essence, these insights can act as a detective of industry trends. If the competition is doing something that you aren’t, and it’s working, it’s time to follow suit.

Short of conjuring a content creating witch doctor, there really isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished within content marketing through analyzing predictive data. It’s not only about observing your prospects’ behavior, but understanding what that behavior means about why they decide to purchase and how they choose to interact with your brand.

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