Using Data to Connect International Teams and Targets

April 29, 2021 | Blog, Resources

Global ABM success requires capturing and using intent data signals in multiple languages. Next week’s Forrester B2B Summit presentation with MRP and Lumen Technologies LATAM provides a playbook for meeting this challenge, and more.

ABM is rooted in cultivating relationships and remains a concept firmly grounded in human connection, not simply technology stacks or predictive analysis. But cultivating these connections at scale can be a daunting challenge for global enterprises who operate multiple lines of business with separate marketing efforts based on product lines, industries, geographies or channel partners. 

In the face of this complexity, teams must be able to conceive, build, manage, and measure multiple, simultaneous ABM programs in multiple nations and regions. But many ABM solutions – and their users – struggle to provide the global technology and expertise that enterprise marketers need to be successful, starting with fundamental intent data necessary to deliver relevant messages that engage and connect with buyers in their native language.

Senior Regional Marketing & Communications Manager – LATAM South, Lumen Technologies, Nicolás Borrelli is responsible for targeting 5,800 accounts across 5 product groups in 10 countries in 3 languages and has experienced the challenges of using North American-centric tools in international selling environments. He turned to MRP to solve these issues, including how to use intent data in multiple languages to maximize the number of relevant signals for his marketing and sales team . By combining comprehensive intent data with predictive analytics, Lumen LATAM is able to precisely identify target account needs in a multilingual reality and target them with the most relevant messages using a geographic specific approach – a prerequisite for scaling a high-impact, truly international precision marketing program.

Nicolás will take the virtual stage next week at the Forrester B2B Summit to detail his ABM journey and share strategies for solving the intent data dilemma, prioritizing target accounts, and simplifying connecting with the right business buyers on their terms. 

MRP serves over 1,100 customers across 100+ countries and 20+ languages, and has more than 750 employees in 11 global offices dedicated to enterprise ABM success. MRP stood apart in the Global ABM Leaders 2021 report among the 5 named leaders in serving the most global customer base with 40% of its  clients are based outside of North America, (compared to 20% – 30% for others earning Market Leader designation). 

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