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June 25, 2017

There is a lot of talk in the market today about transforming the customer experience. Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the best way to go about doing that.  But effective ABM requires a real connection between sales and marketing, which is interesting, exciting, and also incredibly challenging.

We see it with our own organization.  Trying to consistently pull out the story of our current engagement with our top 20 accounts, and deliver that to the database of new demand units within those accounts, in all our different regions is a monumental task.

No business can survive just selling to its top 20 accounts.  We know ABM is a great way to engage customers.  It’s the only way, really, to change the way they experience your brand.  But how do you scale that beyond your top accounts, which is already a super time-consuming, challenging effort?

This is where predictive analytics becomes key.  With predictive analytics, you’re able to get automated visibility into the intent of your target market, beyond just your top account segment.  And you can refine that visibility down to the specific keywords that the research, within a buying center, is clustering around.  This level of visibility forces you to shift your priorities and plans.

The intent that you’re able to derive from a predictive analytics platform like MRP Prelytix is constantly streaming, but it doesn’t age well.  The challenge we face is how to execute fast enough on information we’re getting.  How does the sales and marketing response become programmatic?

Research is happening and, even in longer sales cycles, we see research spike when interest is high. Then we see it drop off, even though the purchase may not be made for several months.  The real challenge for sales and marketing organizations is to take action on the predictive intent and automate the execution of effective ABM tactics when the intent is highest.

There is no CMO in the world who believes that traditional marketing automation tools like Marketo and Eloqua alone can effectively and efficiently reach and convert the companies that are displaying buying intent.  We all know that when someone raises his or her hand and schedules a demo through an email … well, you got lucky.  You need to extend your execution capabilities to the available tactics that can guarantee conversion.

What is required to transform the customer experience is to respond to that organization’s intent with the right level of engagement, the right message, and the right allocation of funds and resources to convert them to pipeline.  At MRP, this includes direct mail and inside sales.

CMOs agree that when an organization in your target market is showing a certain depth of intent, you should throw the kitchen sink at them.  Being able to execute all of this … to automate your response in near real time to that customer and his or her intent using artificial intelligence… and to measure the effectiveness of the ABM tactics … that is the Holy Grail

It’s the combination of Predictive Analytics and ABM services that allows MRP customers to scale their efforts further downstream, and truly transform the customer’s experience from the very earliest stages of the buying cycle. Find out more about reaching your target market and increasing leads with MRP Prelytix.

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