Uniting Data & Human Intelligence To Drive Enterprise ABM

The disconnect in ABM technology and the B2B buyer experience

Following a recent panel session discussing the key pitfalls to avoid in enterprise-class ABM, The Drum in partnership with MRP has taken a deeper dive into the specific challenges that enterprise B2B organizations face when it comes to balancing technology with the buyer experience in ABM. The whitepaper further explores the enabling criteria that can help cultivate powerful insights, target accurately, deliver personalization scenarios across channels, and achieve accurate program measurement for enterprise-class ABM.

Featuring industry insights from Paul Cowan, Chief Marketing Officer, Freshbooks; Anamika Gupta, Head of Customer Marketing, Fujitsu America; Jada Balster, Vice-president of Marketing, Workfront; this whitepaper will share best practices on how humans and tech can work more efficiently together in building a successful enterprise-class ABM program, taking into consideration the importance of personalization at scale.