Transforming Advertising Experiences with MRP Prelytix

October 08, 2018 | Blog, Resources

Last week we announced the launch of MRP Prelytix version 2.2, our newest predictive analytics and account-based marketing platform update. Fresh from our citation as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2018, MRP Prelytix 2.2 offers our clients new functionality to help B2B marketing and sales teams activate audiences and acquire new customers faster and more cost effectively.

The latest release of MRP Prelytix advances AI-driven personalization of dynamic display advertising based on buyer journey insights and highly tailored audience segments. Moreover, enhancements to MRP’s product extends attribution and analytics to landing pages to measure the real impact of display ads in terms of business outcomes, providing insights about tactics and conversions to better recognize what is most effective.

More Than a New Source of Data

Today’s market requires us to be more deliberate about how we drive customer acquisition. With MRP Prelytix, we provide the ability to create customized, unique and purpose-built segments based on firmographic, demographic and engagement data. This allows our clients to activate dynamic display advertising using the most appropriately timed message with flexibility to change the message based on real-time insights.

Conversion and Revenue Attribution

The latest update also features improved in-depth reporting and analytics. Enhanced attribution capabilities help marketers demonstrate ROI and understand the impact of their work across all tactics. When layering on dynamic creative, MRP Prelytix subscribers, on average, see click-through rates double compared to previous campaigns and more importantly, a substantial increase in pipeline and deal size.

Custom Account-Based Advertising Technology

The MRP Prelytix Demand Side Platform is built from the ground up to solve the precise needs of enterprise marketers focused on ABM. This is highly unique for our industry, largely focused on repurposing B2C solutions. With MRP our clients don’t need to sacrifice on targeting options or the application of account-based insights. MRP’s digital display offering provides clients with the visibility to track which accounts are viewing, clicking on, and converting from their advertisements and incorporate that data back into the MRP Prelytix platform. This information can then be reported on alongside other tactics at the account level.

There is no doubt AI-assisted content is critical to advertising effectiveness however only when it is combined with a strategy that truly understands intent signals and environment, that programmatic display advertising allows brands to focus on consumer engagement. Moving beyond guessing and conjecture, MRP Prelytix applies advanced machine learning to constantly optimize creative selection. This is a monumental achievement for marketers who seek to impact buyer relationships and revenue because the target account relationship is both unique and ever changing. From need identification to evolving stages of buyer’s journey, MRP Prelytix keeps our clients ahead of their audiences, pulling them through engaged learning and pipeline stages.


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