Top Analyst Firm: Data, Insights & Orchestration Are Required for ABM

March 01, 2022 | Blog, Resources

Forrester Research New Tech report finds that ABM “has evolved into a strategy comprising a range of people, processes, and technologies” and recognizes MRP in the late stage maturity and ABM platform segments.

MRP is the founder of the enterprise ABM category and is committed to building ahead of market requirements to ensure that our clients are always one step in front – no matter how quickly the landscape is changing. It is a tremendous validation of our vision and hard work when we see our efforts reflected in the way that industry leaders and watchers view enterprise ABM.  This is why we were thrilled to see this week’s Forrester Research New Tech: Account-Based Marketing, Q1 2022 report. In an overview of 26 vendors designated as “emerging” by Forrester, MRP received a “Late Stage” designation based on its revenue, funding, and headcount. Forrester also listed MRP’s vertical market focus in the technology, financial services, and business services sectors.

The number of vendors offering account-based functionality has grown as companies strive to incorporate capabilities into their mainstream marketing programs.  “Forrester maintains that the term ‘ABM’ will disappear by 2025 as B2B organizations converge all strategies around the orientation of identifying, planning, managing, and measuring around accounts and opportunities across entire customer lifecycle,” Forrester wrote.

Forrester’s report surveyed companies in a range of marketing technology segments noted the capabilities of ABM platforms, saying, “Marketers select these solutions because the robust features integrated into a single solution allows teams to implement comprehensive ABM programs efficiently.”

MRP’s unified platform offers several key capabilities:

  • Data orchestration. As sales cycles lengthen and B2B teams expand, the amount of incoming data marketing teams must process and interpret has grown exponentially. Forrester noted that 60% of B2B buyers surveyed said that four or more people are involved in the buying process, so the ability to parse true intent is crucial. MRP’s Prelytix interprets an average of 1.5 trillion signals per month in combination with global technographic information to accurately target the most relevant opportunities.

  • Real-time insights. Forrester notes that “true real-time buyer enablement” is one of the value propositions of ABM tools. MRP’s Kx business intelligence engine delivers insights in real time around the globe, alerting sales teams to interactions as they occur and facilitating timely response.

  • Personalization in sync with the customer lifecycle. Unlike startups, companies operating at enterprise scale have an existing customer base whose capabilities and needs can be uniquely addressed. Forrester notes that B2B marketing organizations are now “moving beyond focusing primarily on acquisition” to concentrate on upsell, cross-sell and retention. Proprietary research from MRP found that ABM leaders customize and target content according to the stage of the individual customer’s buying journey. MRP Prelytix enables this high degree of personalization by integrating CRM data with incoming data signals and AI-powered predictions to highlight which customers are open to new offers.

To learn more about ABM priorities in 2022, schedule a demo to see how MRP Prelytix can arm your marketing and sales for success.

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