Simplify Your Vendor Evaluation: A Guide To The ABM New Wave Report

It’s been two years since Forrester first evaluated the account-based marketing (ABM) platform market and much has changed. The recently published Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2020 report shows an increasing consensus on solution focus and scope.

As a participant in both the current and previous Forrester ABM New Wave Report, we can appreciate the sheer volume of work for both vendors and analysts alike. Honored by the recognition of leading positions in both reports, we’re always excited to participate in this research. This year is no different. A big thanks to Steve Casey and his team at Forrester.

Before diving into the research, it’s important to decipher which elements of this report are actionable for you.

To start that journey, it’s critical to appreciate the point that there are no winners and losers. Predictably, as each report is issued, some vendors are excited and happy, others are shocked and disappointed, and more interesting are the ones who fall between that range, they’re shocked by their placement but happy. There are headscratchers at times.

Examine the highs and the lows – When a vendor participates, they believe that their solution matches the needs of the analysis. However, that’s not always true and, if incorrect, will result in low scores. Even then, the low score doesn’t necessarily indicate that they’re a terrible company; it may merely mean that they didn’t relate as closely to the topic and evaluative criteria as they first thought. Point solutions tend to fall into this category. Contrasting that, sometimes vendors who are directly positioned in the context of the report score interestingly low or high, or their ratings swing wildly between reports. The latter point, wild swings in ratings, interest me the most and should raise your eyebrows.

Now the most significant point of all, no Wave Report captures the needs of every marketer. They’re scored and weighted to reflect a picture in the analyst’s mind, typically the needs of an SMB or mid-market company. If that’s who you are, then great, no translation necessary for you. However, your needs are not directly reflected in the quadrant placement if you’re a larger company. In this case, it would be best if you read the “Forrester Take” section for each vendor.

“Leader” placement for the MRP Prelytix platform is an honor. That said, critical defining capabilities of the platform, the elements that best fit our “enterprise-class” sales and marketing audience, are primarily represented in our “Forrester Take” section.

The innovator and only enterprise-class solution, MRP Prelytix is purpose-built to simplify the complexity of our client operating environment. Our clients aren’t merely trying to drive website visits and deliver media impressions. They already have a half-dozen or more channels they use to deliver millions of messages per month. Their reality is already multichannel, MRP Prelytix helps them to coordinate and control their marketing based upon account-level insights, and to drive measurable revenue impact across channels, teams, product lines, geographies, and languages.

In the Forrester Take section, Forrester echoed these points:

  • “MRP is the best fit for large enterprises with a wide range of solutions and marketing resource models.”
  • “MRP offers the most native and integrated engagement channels of ANY vendor.”
  • “MRP leads with a comprehensive range of native functionality and managed services.”
  • “MRP has proven capable of supporting mature, omnichannel ABM programs being executed by multiple departments, business units, or partners – through multi-tenant deployments of its platform and complementary managed services.”

This ABM New Wave report not only places MRP as a Leader in ABM but also validates our market expertise, the enterprise-class sales and marketing organization. Thank you!


MRP Prelytix

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