Selling To Millennials: What To Know

Millennials don’t tend to respond to the typical marketing methods that have always worked for those before them. Still, they are the population that you have to reach in order to be successful so you have to know how to effectively target and market to them. A majority of the B2B leads you are going to get moving into the future will stop at a millennial, so this is something that you need to know.

One thing to know is that selling to millennials isn’t difficult, it is just different, which many people can construe as being difficult. You have to adapt your way to thinking and understand them on a deeper level in order to do it.

So what do you need to know? Let’s take a look:

They Know You Are Selling To Them

One thing you need to know is that millennials are smart and they know that you are selling to them. If you use content or advertising that is too salesy, they will immediately tune it out. Millennials consume advertising more than every other generation, and they have learned how to ignore it. You can’t use a “Try Now” sticker and expect it to work.

Instead, you need to convince millennials why they should take their money and spend it on your goods or services – even if they aren’t paying for it. Millennials are extremely savvy when it comes to business expenses as well, and they are judicious in making decisions.

Communicate How They Communicate

Millennials aren’t watching traditional television or listening to traditional radio anymore. Instead, they are tuning into media on their phones – consider going after YouTube, social media, Instagram, online advertising, PPC, and streaming radio.

Keep in mind that it is best to use multiple methods to reach out to millennials as it can take a few encounters for the advertising to stick. Once you have them, you need to communicate with them how they communicate. Millennials prefer emails to phone calls, quick bursts to longer threads, and direct information as opposed to all-encompassing pitches.

They Are Busy – Or At Least They Think They Are

Millennials are interested in your products, but they always feel like they are running out of time so they may appear standoffish when you talk to them about your products. The best thing that you can do is be thorough in your discussion, but be quick about it. Taking up more of their time than necessary will not result in a good experience for you.

This generation, in particular, is very good at absorbing a lot of information in a short amount of time – and they will fact check it. Don’t try to confuse them or pull the wool over their eyes.

Never Underestimate What They Can Do

The truth about millennials and selling to them is that they are constantly stereotyped, so we think about going after them in some cliche way. While there are some stereotypes that you can use to your advantage (they do always have their phones in their hands), but there are some things you need to reframe in your mind – they are hardworking, they are present, and they do want to make an impact.

By eliminating what you think about millennials and reframing who they are, you can better sell to them in a B2B environment and beyond. By understanding them, you will be able to forge a relationship that will last a long time; that’s something else to know about millennials: they are extremely faithful to those who have helped them.

Selling To Millennials: It Is The Future

Every day, more and more millennials are entering into the workforce and more people in the “older” generation are retiring. You have to learn to sell to them because they are the going to make up a majority of your target marketing.

Selling to millennials can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. What you have to get are tools that help you to get inside the heads of those millennials. With tools like the ones from MRP, you will be able to work your way through the swamp much more quickly than you can imagine – and perhaps find your go-to tactics to easily convert more sales.

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