Sales Enablement Designed to Drive Engagement

August 13, 2018 | Blog, Resources

Only 30% of channel marketing and sales professionals are highly confident of their ability to deliver a multi channel strategy. Tasked with the unenviable responsibility of juggling multiple priorities including ensuring that every lead is actioned properly through the sales cycle, it’s easy to see how. For sales and marketing teams to demonstrate ROI and budget, the follow up and tracking of opportunities through the sales cycle is a top priority, but a persistent challenge for many organizations.

MRP solves this issue on a global basis for many of the worlds largest sales and marketing organizations. Combining proprietary technology with operational specialists, we ensure that each qualified opportunity not only makes it’s way to the right salesperson or partner but that each follow up action occurs and is recorded and tracked properly.

Designed to help drive sales engagement and support opportunity progression throughout the pipeline, MRP’s combination of sales enablement software and services provide visibility on program results and execution as well as drive an MQL to SQL conversion rate that aligns with industry best standards.


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