Reclaiming Channel Partners’ Rightful Spot in ABM

Today, a mere one in three channel marketers are confident that they can optimize their MDF spend. Perhaps this is spurred by the fact that 59% say they have zero visibility into their marketing-generated pipeline or historical campaign analytics, and 78% complain of poor lead conversion. To this point, channel marketing programs have largely mirrored B2B marketing best practice – to generate and process leads, with a focus on efficiency and quantity. It makes sense, we all want more leads, and it would be great if they were less expensive.

Over the last several years, marketers who focus on direct sales strategies have seen similar challenges in their ability to optimize and measure impact using a lead-based marketing approach. A renaissance of sorts, many are now changing approach, shifting focusing to a new Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach. An integrated ABM strategy can encompass major process flow issues, simplifying complex business objectives, and leveraging emerging technologies to save time, while also fostering a revenue-accountable environment.

Discover how an ABM enabled channel marketing strategy can help partners achieve these more significant marketing outcomes, faster and with higher sensitivity to their budgetary requirements, with MRP’s guide to taming channel chaos.


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