Rebooting Your ABM Program In 6 Steps

Creating a successful plan to adopt account based marketing (ABM) can be difficult for some organizations – buy it is hard to imagine a world where more and more people don’t do just that. According to recent reports, nearly 60% of B2B organizations have already started implementing ABM and another 30% plan to do so very soon.

But what does that mean for the people who have been using ABM for a long time? It might mean that there is a need to reboot the program you are currently using and look at your approach. If your organization is like other organizations, you will probably have to take on some hurdles that get in your way. However, it is possible to reboot your ABM program and stay at the top of your niche in doing so.

Even if you have been using ABM for years, it is best to be proactive and reboot your program to see the best results. Here’s what we suggest:

Rethink Your Targeted Clients

If you haven’t done so recently, you may want to look at the ideal customer profile you built originally and see if there is anything that you want to change. This might seem simple, but the products that you sell, the services you offer, and what you do slightly changes over time. Maybe by working with clients, you’ve already gotten because of your ABM efforts, you may have realized that you’d like to work with some other type of clients.

This is the most important step to the reboot, even if you do not change anything. At the core, all ABM programs will circle back to that customer profile.

Look At Your Targets and Validate Them

ABM success depends on whether you select the right target accounts. This means looking at the people who qualify for leads or marketing and making the right decisions about which one will be a match for you. With every campaign, your teams should learn something about their methods and put it to use here.

Since marketing and sales functions no longer work in silos and are moving toward the same mutually beneficial goals, they have to huddle and come up with targets and how to move them from one team to the other. The most important thing to come together on, however, is the need to focus on customers and how to handle their needs. This might not have been something discussed initially so it is not as efficient as it could be – when you reboot, it is time to change that.

Inspect Your Account Map

Make sure that you look back through your data and contacts when you reboot your ABM program. Map out the right decisions makers and influencers within that organizations you target. You might have figured out that those with influence have changed over the years. Your data may now provide a completely different picture than the one you had before – and if it doesn’t, this is still an effective exercise to remind your teams to whom they are talking.

Check The Personalization Of Your Messaging

If you are going to go after an account, you have to be prepared to look at the smallest details of your ABM program. You don’t want to spend extra time doing all of the work only to send out the same tired messaging. Use the insights you gathered, and the changes you made in the previous steps, to reboot your messaging at the same time. Try a fresh approach, use different vocabulary and then test it. You can always go back if you find that the new methods don’t work as well.

Give Yourself Time To Execute

Probably the most important part of the ABM reboot is the thing you don’t have as much of: time. You will want to give this reboot time to settle in and work for your company. New customer profiles, personalized marketing, and direct contact will take time to transition, but it should be something you allow to settle in – at least for a few weeks. If you see problems lasting longer than that, it is a sign that something needs to shift.

Refine, Refine, Refine

From the moment your campaign starts, you should track the results, refine your strategy, and implement changes in real time. This is one of the biggest advantages of using an ABM campaign. Consider making any changes that you feel are necessary, but make sure to back those choices up using actual data.

By following all of these steps and accurately tracking your results, you should be well on the path to successfully rebooting your ABM program.

If you are hesitant about starting with account based marketing campaigns because you believe some of these misconceptions or you have some other fears about starting something new, you may want to with one of our experts. CLICK HERE for more information about sales qualification, account-based marketing, and how to streamline your process.

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