Speed Force: Providing complex analytics at lightning speed

April 01, 2019 | Blog, Resources

How many vendors in our space promote their offerings as “omnichannel, real-time marketing personalization using big data and AI”? As much as the hype has overstated what AI might do for marketing in the next 12–24 months, the reality of how AI is already working in marketing today is often under-recognized. While it’s mostly about the data, one other factor that we should focus on with algorithmic marketing of any kind   is the exponentially accelerating speed at which these functions operate.

Marketing operations are facing the challenge of ever-increasing data volumes across the buyer’s journey. In this age of data-driven marketing, your company’s marketing strategy needs to be built on these insights pulled from the analysis of big data, collected through customer engagements, to form predictions about future behaviors. No matter how nonlinear, complex and unique, today’s customer journeys are defined by customer signals, activity and are rich with intent. To modern marketers, these signals represent opportunities to deliver relevant, useful and real-time experiences that help customers take their next step.

Time-series Databases – The Contemporary Superhero?

To keep up with this rapid increase businesses can keep more data in-memory than ever before. This means bigger datasets representing real-time views of the world, and therefore more choices in how businesses scale systems both vertically and horizontally.  Utilizing a traditional database approach though often involves trying to combine multi-layered solutions using dissimilar tools, adds complexity and cost, and falls short on scale and usability.

Time-series databases are increasingly being recognized as a powerful way to manage this data. They can be used to instrument, learn and automate applications and systems, enable real-time and predictive analytics across processes and provide operational intelligence to make improved and faster decisions based on what is occurring now, what has occurred in the past, and what is predicted to take place in the future. Blending, processing and analyzing real-time and historical information to deliver operational intelligence and actionable insights, time-series databases can drive improved efficiency at unprecedented levels of performance and volumes.

Super Speeds, Super Insights

As a global technology provider with over 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest institutions, Kx technology delivers the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications across multiple industries, as evidenced by MRP’s predictive analytics model.

Kdb+ is a time-series database optimized for Big Data analytics. The columnar design of kdb+ means it offers greater speed and efficiency than typical relational databases and its native support for time-series operations vastly improves both the speed and performance of queries, aggregation, and analysis of structured data. Designed from the start for extreme scale, and running on industry standard servers, the kdb+ database has been proven by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) to solve complex problems faster than any of its competitors.

If your predictive analytics vendor only updates their data periodically or if your ABM platform cannot operationalize this data, you will always risk missing the “right time”. Your ability to generate response and revenue impact is 100% based upon your ability to learn and adapt to the needs of each target account, operating in real-time, milli seconds between clicks and page views. Leveraging the world’s fastest time series and real-time database, providing complex analytics at lightning speed and a user-friendly BI to bring insights to life, MRP Prelytix is the only enterprise class predictive ABM platform that can respond and engage as fast as audiences interact.

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