Predictive Analytics: How To Speak To Target Customers

Technology is constantly changing and shifting the way that we engage. In the era of social media, we need fewer words to get our point across and instead, we have to supplement with images, memes, gifs, or anything else that will hold the attention of our targeted customers long enough. This is very much a generational shift – you cannot expect the same level of engagement across multiple customer groups: it just doesn’t work. In order to really learn how to speak to your target customers, you have to learn who your target audience is with predictive analytics.

No matter where your accounts are in the sales funnel, marketers need to stay up to date on the newest advancements and techniques that could benefit your engagement strategy. New types of AI have helped marketers and salespeople become smarter about their messaging overall, though there are some gaps. Campaigns must find a way to engage with people in a way that connects – and predictive analytics make it possible.

Segment Wherever Possible For Messaging Consistency

No matter how small your niche is, it is almost impossible to have a targeted audience that fits into one group. Treating all of your customers the same is not an effective  marketing strategy, and that includes how you engage with them. You should already be segmenting your customers. Marketers have been doing this before big data but with predictive analytics, the segments you can make have been drastically improved. With predictive analytics, you can compile demographic data (age, race, gender, or location) but you can also take it a step further using information gathered from social media, website analytics, surveys, and focus groups. You can collect information about behavioral data, psycho-graphic data, and more.

Once You’ve Segmented, You Can Build A Buyer Persona

Buyer personas are another tool we’ve had for years, but we can improve with predictive analytics. Now, they can be more precise and targeted. Customer personas and segmentation work together to build up a profile of the people you want to speak to – and they can even give you an idea of how to speak to them. Once you have this persona, you can use it for lead scoring based on the information you pull in from predictive analytics software.

As you can see, everything shakes hands and works together to help you engage with target customers and actually speak to their needs.

Buyer Personas Build Messaging Strategies

Predictive analytics can help you to edit your messaging so that it hits with the right people. You can use it to determine how social engagement impacts website traffic, or compare email open rates differ when you use different verbiage. If you learn who your target customers are, you can learn how to engage them – not only when you are trying to make a sale, but when you are posting on social media, creating blog articles, building whitepapers, or building customer advocacy

Predictive analytics can drastically improve your marketing strategies and the conversations you have with targeted customers. Many businesses haven’t adopted this strategy yet, though they do see the benefit. Now is the best time for you to jump on board and gain an advantage over your competition.

Selling to targeted customers can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible to do in a smart way. What you have to get are tools that help you to get inside the heads of those millennials. With tools like the ones from MRP, you will be able to work your way through the swamp much more quickly than you can imagine – and perhaps find your go-to tactics to easily convert more sales.

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